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Please go out and vote today

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

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The U.S. President and the Middle East... by Shoshana Bryen in Washington, D.C.

San Diego Jewish World endorsements


Sweat-equity partners sought for San Diego Jewish World by publisher


Especially in tight times, Tel Aviv history holds hope for fundraisers for the arts by Donald H. Harrison in Tel Aviv

David and Goliath's epic battle in music by Cantor Sheldon Merel with audio of the cantor's performance of "David and Goliath."


—April 14, 1950: News of the Fox
—April 14, 1950: 
Jewish War Veterans Post No. 185 and Auxiliary
—April 14, 1950: 
Labor Zionist Organization of San Diego
—April 14, 1950:
Junior Matrons


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The U.S. President... and the Middle East

By Shoshana Bryen

WASHINGTON, DC—As we finally move toward the only thing that counts - the vote - we take as our priority that of former New York City Mayor Ed Koch who said in 2004, "Islamic terrorists want to destroy us."

So they did, and so they do.

"They" are loosely defined as people and organizations who believe the United States and Israel are the primary enemy, with other Westerners close behind. They believe in the expansion of violent, radical Islam to subjugate their own people and destroy infidels and expand the realm of Sharia law. They are anti-Western, anti-Semitic, misogynistic and homophobic. They are McCarthy-ite in their demonization of "the other" and Hitler-ite in their propaganda. They undermine weak governments and then thrive in the chaos with money and arms provided by Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria and others. They react not to what we do, but to their own view of the Islamic future. They occasionally claim to want "dialogue" with and "respect" from the United States, but it is a ruse. Not all Muslims are "them," but "they" are Muslims who want to destroy us.

It is neither luck nor Providence - nor a lack of trying by "them" - that has kept the United States free from a second large-scale terrorist attack on our soil. It is neither luck nor Providence that has given the Arab world a model for consensual government in Iraq, despite efforts by al Qaeda and Moktada Sadr to foment a civil war by carrying out atrocities against civilians. It is neither luck nor Providence that preserves Israel in the face of the increasing military capabilities of Hamas and Hezbollah, and Syria's attempts to acquire nuclear capabilities in cooperation with North Korea.

Whatever gains we have in the war against terrorists and the states that harbor and support them are the result of hard work, new laws, and the determination of American government (in both political parties), law enforcement and intelligence officials in cooperation with a determined public. They are the result of the sacrifice of soldiers - brave young men and women who serve their country knowing they may be called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice for the safety, security and future peace of their families, fellow citizens and people they don't even know.  

JINSA has only one priority: a strong and capable United States security establishment working in cooperation with like-minded, democratic allies to ensure the safety and security of ourselves and other freedom-loving people. U.S.-Israel security cooperation is the center of our universe.  

It is a hard priority. It would be so much easier and nicer to spend our time thinking about education, health care, welfare, roads and bridges, even the shaky economy. But if we don't get the war right, the rest won't matter.

Please vote today with your priorities in order.

Bryen is special projects director for the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA). Her column is sponsored by Waxie Sanitary Supply in memory of Morris Wax, a longtime JINSA member and national board member.


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A tale of two national elections

By J. Zel Lurie

DELRAY BEACH, Florida —Today the overlong, tedious presidential election campaign is finally over. I hope you voted.

I hope that tonight you will learn that the United States has elected its first Afro-American president. The leader of  of the “free world” will have similar skin color to the majority of the citizens of the world, who live in Africa and Asia and South America. That is a blessing and a remarkable shift in the politics of the world.

Tonight you will learn that the question of the Jewish vote was overblown. It never existed.

I learned it a month ago at a  Wednesday morning breakfast meeting in Boca Raton of about a hundred retired Jewish men. A pollster looking for a random selection of retired Floridians could not have come up with a better selection. Asked who would vote for the McCain/Palin ticket, 13 men or 13 Percent raised their hand. To my mind, the eloquence of Barack Obama, and his thoughtfulness and sweet temperament, had triumphed.He will get 75 percent of the Jewish vote as John Kerry did four years ago.

This is a crucial election that will decide the fate of the world for the next four years.

In Israel, Tsipi Livni, leader of Kadima failed to form a govenment so there will be a three-month election campaign. Elections will be held on February 10.

Livni had negotiated agreements with Labor and the Pensioners which gave her 59 votes, two less than a majority of the 120 member knsset. She could have governed with the support in votes of confidence of the Israeli Arabs who command 10 seats. But she is in the middle of negotiating peace with Syria and the Palestinians. She needs a solid majority of the Jewish voters for an agreement to hold.

Shas, the religious party which holds 12 seats in the current government, which remains in office until the elections, had two demands. An increase in the stipends paid to poor families for each child and a guarantee that Livni would not negotiate a division of Jerusalem.

Jerusalem was the chief stumbling block. Shas will campaign that they were wiling to sacrifice financial help for the large religious families in order to keep Jerusalem united. Livni's campaign will stress that Shas was trying to blackmail her, that everyone can see that East and West Jerusalem are not united and Jerusalem remains on the table in the negotiations with the Palestinians.

Her chief opponent is Bejamin “Bibi” Netanyahu, head of Likud. He told the Knesset last week: “ I will not negotiate on Jerusaalem which has been the capital of the Jewish people for 3,000 years,”

Twelve years ago Bibi defeated Shimon Peres with the slogan “Peres will divide Jerusalem.”  Will it work again?  The Israel voters on Feb. 10 will decide.  The new President of the United States will take a hand directly or indirectly.

Indeed a very crucial election.

Meanwhile a Russian billionaire has injected a revolutionary idea  into the Jerusalem city elections. Arkady Gemanyak, running for Mayor of Jerusalem, is actually campaigning in the Palestinian sections of East Jerusalem. Never happened before.

There are over a quarter million Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem of whom at least one hundred thousand can vote. They are not citizens of Israel so they cannot vote in the national elections. But they have the right to vote in the Jerusalem municipal elections.

They have never exercised their right to vote, not because of fear or oppression  like Blacks in some sections of the deep South, but because they did not want to vote in an Israeli election.

When Ehud Olmert won the mayorality from Long-standing Mayor Teddy Kollek, I happened to be staying at the American Colony Hotel in East Jerusalem, which was my favorite hostelry before it became five star. On election day I thought I might visit one of the polling stations. The pollsters said that Teddy needed 20,000 Arab votes, about a fifth of the eligible Arab voters, to overcome Olmert’s lead in West Jerussalem.

I stopped in at the first store on Salah-el Din Street to ask the location of the nearest polling station.

“What polling station?” exclaimed the merchant. “We won’t vote until Palestine is restored and we can vote for a Palestinian.”

There were some polling stations but I never found them. Teddy received a few votes, mostly by municipal workers. Olmert became Mayor of Jerusalem.

Gemanyak is far from being a Palestinian but he has a unique attraction to the Jerusalem Arabs. Unlike all other candidates, he was never an officer in the Israel Army which treats Palestinians as the enemy. He has no record as an Israeli politician. He has a shady past in Angola and France where he made his billions, but that is of no interest to the Palestinians.

Last week Gemanyak spent five hours touring East Jerusalem in his Mercedes-Benz 600. Lily Galili of Haaretz went along. She noted the potholes in the filthy streets, the dirt roads strewn with garbage and the Jewish settlers in Silwan, the City of David. She noted that the tour was being covered by Palestinian TV and that Gemanyak  was surrounded by Palestinian security, not to protect him  from an angry Arab  but from the Jewish settlers.

“The strangest thing about this tour,” wrote Galili, “is its unusual normality in an abnormal situation.”

 “All the candidates talk about a unified Jerusalem, but they prove it’s a lie by not campaigning here,”  Khaled Nasr Adin, an East Jerusalem  business man told Galili, “You won’t find a single campaign poster and a visit by a candidate is unheard of, Except Gemayak. I think I’ll vote this time.”

In Silwan,where ultra right Jews have established an enclave amidst tens of thousands of Palestinians, he defends the right of Jews to live anywhere in the city “but not as a political demonstration” like the Jewish settlers who were glaring at him  from their outpost above him. As for the homes threatened with demolition he soothed them with talk of permits and licenses. He promises a construction and development policy when he is Mayor,

How many residents of East Jerusalem will go out to vote for him? Asks Galili. The answer could make a radical change in Jerusalem.

Lurie's column also appears in the Jewish Journal of Southern Florida

TEMPLE SOLELNovember 8 Synaplex featuring Rabbi Daniel Gordis

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Especially in tight times, Tel Aviv history holds hope for fundraisers for the arts

By Donald H. Harrison

TEL AVIV—In times of tight government budgets, or difficult economies, champions of the arts always have good reason to fear. What is more likely to get cut than music programs or funds for museums? But then again, pessimists holding to this way of thinking are not familiar with the stories of two of Tel Aviv's most cherished institutions: its historic art museum and the Mann Auditorium.

Meggie Navon, a development director for the Tel Aviv Foundation, related the tales while conducting a tour of the historic city which next year will celebrate its 100th birthday.

She said that Meir Dizengoff, a businessman who was elected as the first mayor of Tel Aviv, built for himself a large home on Rothschild Boulevard, a home that was big enough to permit the City Council to hold its meetings there.

One year, the artist Marc Chagall visited the relatively young Jewish city and asked how it was that it had no museum for art. As the story goes, Dizengoff spread his arms apologetically and said he had no place to put such a museum.

Chagall looked over Dizengoff's large mansion and suggested that the house would provide very well for an art museum if the Dizengoffs themselves would kindly move to a single room. Of course, it was a chutzpadik thing to say, even for an artist as renown as Chagall. But Dizengoff and his wife Tzina agreed to the request, limiting themselves to just a single room within the mansion.

Navon said Chagall also made another suggestion: the art museum should decide from the outset that it would not purchase a single piece of art; that it would build its collection solely on donated art. Whereupon, Chagall added that he would be happy to personally donate three of his works in furtherance of this policy.

When David Ben-Gurion proclaimed the independence of Israel in 1948, he did so from a dais that had been erected within the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. Navon said if people will look closely at the photograph of Ben-Gurion making the famous declaration, they will note art works in the background.

In the 1930s, following the rise of the Nazis to power in Germany, Jewish violinist Bronislaw Huberman spoke with Italian conductor Arturo Toscanini about the dire prospects of Jewish musicians. They decided to work together to encourage Jewish members of European orchestras to immigrate to British Mandatory Palestine.

Toscanini and Huberman were so prestigious, many musicians made the move to Palestine, thus saving their lives.. But the problem was that there was no venue where they can play. So Toscanini and Huberman made entreaties to Dizengoff. Please, they said, provide us with a place to play.

Again the mayor was apologetic, saying there simply was no place—except perhaps the sand dunes at the end of Rothschild Boulevard. The musicians instantly agreed, urging the city to set up chairs and other furnishings for a performance of the newly assembled Palestine Orchestra in December 1936.

That orchestra was the forerunner of the Israeli Philharmonic. Dizengoff's successor as mayor, Israel Rokah traveled to Philadelphia and persuaded philanthropist Fredric Mann to donate $3 million for a symphony hall and pavilion. The dunes by the beach in 1957 became the site of the Fredric R. Mann Auditorium.

Now Tel Aviv is planning a centennial celebration that will begin April 4, 2008 and last through the calendar year. Jewish communities in various cities in the United States, including San Diego, are planning celebratory dinners in connection with the centennial, in the expectation that they will be able to make a gift to Tel Aviv in celebration of its 100th birthday.

Navon said that the effort in San Diego will be co-chaired by Jeffrey and Vivian Ressler and by Shlomo and Leslie Caspi, with the opening night dinner scheduled May 21 at the La Jolla Marriott. The goal will be to raise $300,000 to finance a new pre-kindergarten school for 70 children in a disadvantaged neighborhood of Tel Aviv.

Theodor Herzl once said "if you will it, it is no dream." All these years later, his words may be a timely reminder for fundraisers for the arts everywhere.

Harrison may be contacted at editor@sandiegojewishworld.com


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San Diego Jewish World endorsements

SAN DIEGO—Following is a list of endorsements made by San Diego Jewish World
with links to the editions in which the explanations for each endorsement appeared.

U.S. President —
Barack Obama

California State Assembly, 78th District—
Marty Block

San Diego City Council, 1st District —
Phil Thalheimer

San Diego City Council, 7th District —
Marti Emerald

California Proposition 4—
Abortion notificationNo

California Proposition 8—
Ban on Same-Sex MarriageNo

In addition, San Diego Jewish World proudly endorses for reelection two members of our community who have represented us well in the United States Congress:
Democrats Bob Filner in the 51st Congressional District and
Susan Davis in the 53rd Congressional District


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Sweat-equity partners sought for San Diego Jewish World by publisher

SAN DIEGO—While San Diego Jewish World has gained its place, there is so much more we could do in presenting to the San Diego Jewish community and to Jewish communities all over the world a daily publication of news and commentary.

I am looking for partners who would like to build up San Diego Jewish World with a new graphic design, increased content, and expanded advertising. These prospective partners don't have to invest a dime in our publication—we really don't want your money. We are looking for two things far more important: your ideas and your hard work.

If you are as committed as we are to keeping the Jewish community informed, and to its well-being, and if you have skills that will help us accomplish our task--such skills as web designing, or selling advertising, or web mastering, or writing and editing--we invite you to contact us to discuss your interest in bettering this publication.

I can be reached at editor@sandiegojewishworld.com. Please provide me with some background about yourself, tell me your skills, and how you would like to see San Diego Jewish World. I will respond, and perhaps set up a meeting with you to discuss further your ideas and potential participation in San Diego Jewish World. Donald H. Harrison, editor and publisher


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David and Goliath's epic battle in music
Albert Hay Malotte, Music, lyrics by E.M.Robinson; based on Book of Samuel, chapter I: verse 17 Sheldon Merel, Tenor, Kenneth Fall, Piano      

To hear Cantor Merel's David and Goliath, please click here

By Cantor Sheldon Merel              

SAN DIEGO— “He let fly a pebble and the giant dropped dead! (Closing words of the song).A single stone thrown with his sling-shot killed the giant, Goliath! That dramatic moment changed David’s life and the course of Jewish history.

As the Philistine army gathered for war against Israel, the Philistine giant, Goliath, measuring over nine feet tall, appeared twice a day for forty days to challenge the Israelites to send a champion to face him in single combat to decide the outcome of the battle. He seemed invincible, and even King Saul, the tallest man in his army refused to fight.

And then by chance, along came young David, bringing food to his two soldier brothers. When he realized that no one was taking up Goliath’s challenge, David immediately volunteered to stand up for his people. (Talk about chutzpah!!!) At first, King Saul hesitated to send this inexperienced teen-ager to fight the heavily armored Goliath, but since no one else had stepped forward, finally agreed. Saul offered David armor to wear, but David felt it would be too cumbersome, and preferred his simple tunic and slingshot, with which he was very skilled. The giant cursed David, shouted threats and insults, but David didn't stop or waver. As Goliath moved in for the kill, David went to the brook, picked up five stones and slung one at Goliath's head. The stone sank into the giant's forehead and he dropped dead! David took Goliath’s sword and severed his head. When the Philistines saw that their hero was dead, they turned and ran.

Lyricist, Edwin Robinson, and composer Albert Hay Malotte created their version of this story to be sung as a rousing sermon by a dramatic and over-zealous Preacher. Robinson’s lyrics may have strayed just a bit from the biblical text, but with Malotte's brilliant and exciting piano accompaniment they succeed in bringing the story to life, with new insights into the brashness of David and the cockiness of Goliath.

This recording of David and Goliath is on my CD, Standing Ovation.
Merel is cantor emeritus of Congregation Beth Israel. He may be contacted at merels@sandiegojewishworld.com


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Editor's Note: To create a permanent and accessible archive, we are reprinting news articles that appeared in back issues of various San Diego Jewish newspapers. You may access an index of the headlines of those articles by clicking here. You may also use the Google search
program on our home page or on the headline index page to search for keywords or names.

News of the Fox
Southwestern Jewish Press, April 14, 1950, page 7

By John Kluchin

The Samuel I. Fox Lodge meeting of March 28th was a notable one as Grand Lodge Officer  Eddy Breitbard and Al Hutler, Executive Director of the United Jewish Fund were guests and speakers. The film “Year of Deliverance” as shown to supplement Hutler’s talk on “Keep the Miracle alive in 1950” which was for the purpose of raising funds for the UJF  on B’nai B’rith Day.  All four lodges of San Diego have joined hands to put the fund “Over the Top.”  On April 30th, there will be a Kickoff Breakfast at 9:30 a.m. and the B’nai B’rith Volunteers will cover the town to get subscriptions. They will celebrate that evening with a Victory Dance. As secretary Dave Schloss says, “Don’t be a Shirker, be a Worker.”

The Lodge welcomes Sandor Goldberger back to San Diego and wishes him the “Best of Luck.”

Wilfred Robbins was welcomed as a new member of the Lodge. Best wishes for a speedy recovery to Ada Randall recuperating at home, wife of 1st vice president Sol Randall.  Overheard Dave Schloss remark that he hopes his mother-in-law extends her visit another six months.

Chairman E. Max Cohen announced that parents Night for the Combined Lodges for Scout Troop 99 will be held on April 18th. Exhibitions will be given on rope tying, life savings and other scout activities. Badges will be awarded to deserving Scouts.

The Softball team is in the process of formation and all prospective players, whether members or not are welcome.  Coach Dave Schloss is searching for a pitcher.

Our next meeting will be held on April 11th at Tifereth Israel Synagogue.  All members and guests are invited to attend.


Jewish War Veterans Post No. 185 and  Auxiliary
Southwestern Jewish Press, April 14, 1950, page 7

By Anne Schloss

A joint installation of the Jewish War Veterans Post No. 185 and Auxiliary will be held on April 17 at Temple Center Third and Laurel Sts, at 8:00 p.m.  The officers of the Post will be installed by Harry Apelman, Past Dept. Commander, and National Dept. chief of Staff, assisted by Sam Rose, National Executive Deputy of the State of California.  Officers to be installed are: Harry Aronoff, Commander; Allen Lame, Sr. Vice Commander; J. David Brooks, Jr. Vice Commander; Manuel Fisher, Judge Advocate; Marshall Star, Quartermaster; Abe Wilks, Adjutant; Stanley Yukon, Surgeon; Sol Randall, Bob Siegel and Marshall Roth, Trustees.

Installing officers for the Ladies Auxiliary are Mrs. Ann Wag, Dept. President of the Ladies Auxiliary of the Sate of Calif. She will be assisted by Mrs. Jean Edelstein, Past Dept. President of the State of Calif.  Officers to be installed are Esther Levitt, President; Eva Berger, Sr. Vice President; Lil Yukon, Jr. Vice President; Angie Landau, Treasurer; Binnie Brooks, Corresponding secretary; Henrietta Cohen, Chaplain; Rose Tepper, Guard; Anne Schloss, Conductress; Celia Jacobs, Goldie Goldstein and Esther Frank, Trustees.

Chairmen for the evening are Joe Spatz and Anne Schloss.  An interesting program has been planned and refreshments will be served by Paulie Rubel and her committee.


Labor Zionist Organization of San Diego
Chaim Weitzmann Branch

Southwestern Jewish Press, April 14, 1950, page 7

By Bess Borushek

In order to welcome and introduce the many new members who have recently joined the Labor Zionist Organization of San Diego, a gala evening of entertainment is scheduled for Sunday, April 16, 1950, at 7 p.m. at Tifereth Israel Synagogue, 330th and Howard streets.

Cantor E. Sellz, who has made several appearances in San Diego, has been especially invited will make a return engagement and will entertain with a program of Jewish and Hebrew folk songs.  Those who have had the pleasure of hearing him before will want to again welcome and listen to this generous and talented personality.  Appearing on the program will also be Rochel Raznick, who is no stranger in San Diego, having made several previous appearances.

A guest speaker, Hugo Brumer will provide a message of importance to the new members and other guests.  Refreshments will follow. Mr. Brumer represents the Mapai in Israel and has recently arrived. No one with the interest of Labor Zionism at heart can afford to miss this special evening of folk entertainment.

Mr. I. Domnitz is cultural chairman and Mrs. B. Veitzer, chairman of arrangements for this evening.

Junior Matrons
Southwestern Jewish Press, April 14, 1950

By Mrs. David Nelson, Publicity

The Junior Matrons invite all young women, who are interested in becoming members of the organization, to be their guests at the membership luncheon, to be held at 12:30 on April 28th, at the Manor Hotel.

After lunch, the House of Cortillion, a fabric firm of La Jolla, will present their latest materials and fashions, which will be draped and styled on living models. The decorations under the direction of MRs. Leroy Cohn will be done around the “House of Fabrics” theme. There will be door prizes and after the program those desiring may play cards.

All members and guests who wish to make reservations, please call Mrs. David Sugarman at J-3428.  General Chairman in charge of the affair is Mrs. Irving Kravitz; committee members are MRs. Geo Starr, Program; Mrs. Martin Borenstein, Door Prizes; Mrs. Ed Breier, Hospitality; Mrs. Lester Himmel, Telephone; Invitations, Mrs. Morris Wax.

“Adventures in Jewish History” is sponsored by Inland Industries Group LP in memory of long-time San Diego Jewish community leader Marie (Mrs. Gabriel) Berg. Our indexed "Adventures in San Diego Jewish History" series will be a daily feature until we run out of history.


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Monday, November 3, 2008 (Vol. 2, No. 263)


Two opposing viewpoints:
Why I voted for Barack Obama...by Donald H. Harrison in Kfar Hayarok, Israel
Why I am voting for John McCain.... by Isaac Yetiv in La Jolla, California

Monotheism is not mono-political...by Sheila Oryseik in San Diego

San Diego Jewish World endorsements

Sweat-equity partners sought for San Diego Jewish World by publisher

Bergen Belsen bar mitzvah witness sought... from Alex Grobman

Juber Jubilee in Santa Monica, San Diego by Cynthia Citron in Santa Monica, California

A touch of class at San Diego State by Norman Greene in San Diego

—April 14, 1950: Second Anniversary of Israeli Independence To Be Celebrated
—April 14, 1950: Young People’s Division Plans Series of Events; April 22 Dinner Dance
—April 14, 1950: S.D. Hebrew Home for the Aged
—April 14, 1950: Cottage of Israel

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Israeli elections on simmer as the world awaits the results of the American one by Ira Sharkansky in Jerusalem

San Diego Jewish World endorsements


Sweat-equity partners sought for
San Diego Jewish World by publisher

—April 14, 1950: The Center Side
—April 14, 1950: Overseas News and Views
—April 14, 1950: Fund Borrows On Good Name
—April 14, 1950: Letters to the Editor

Friday-Saturday, Oct. 31-Nov. 1, 2008

SDSU's Weber expresses admiration for Peres Peace Center, Hillel Foundation by Donald H. Harrison in Tel Aviv

Sweetness of desert rains by Ulla Hadar in Kibbutz Ruhama, Israel

Multicultural candidate Todd Gloria found his mentors in the S.D. Jewish community by Gary Rotto in San Diego

San Diego Jewish World endorsements

Sweat-equity partners sought for San Diego Jewish World by publisher

"Don't dress for dinner" by Carol Davis in Solana Beach, California

—April 14, 1950: Hadassah
—April 14, 1950: Jr. Pioneer Women
—April 14, 1950: You Name It
—April 14, 1950: What’s Cookin’ At Troop 99

Thursday, October 30, 2008 (Vol. 2, No. 259)

Syria makes troubles for its neighbors by Shoshana Bryen in Washington DC.

Peace project funder pleased with where Fred J. Hansen's money goes in Mideast by Donald H. Harrison in Tel Aviv

Israel: the land of abiding controversy by Ira Sharkansky in Jerusalem

In political defense of the haredim by David Benkof in New York

Thursdays With The Songs Of Hal Wingard:

—#69 Epitaph
—#96 So Many Ways of Dying
—#306 Never Say Die

San Diego Jewish World endorsements

Sweat-equity partners sought for San Diego Jewish World by publisher

— April 14, 1950: ‘Magic Carpet’ In Sight Soon
— April 14, 1950: Christian Committee Opens United Jewish Fund Campaign
— April 14, 1950: Women’s Division of U.J.F. Begins Drives for Funds—Plan Luncheons

Wednesday, October 29, 2008 (Vol. 2, No. 258)

SDSU group gets a VIP tour of Ramallah by Donald H. Harrison in Ramallah, Palestine Authority

Kristallnacht 70 years later by David Harris in New York

The Jews Down Under, a roundup of Jewish news of Australia by Garry Fabian in Melbourne:
— Council gives green light to Chanukah in the Park
— A policy for the whole community
— B'nai B'rith International President Moishe Smith visits Australia/New Zealand
— Living community memories
— Pressure grows for automatic traffic controls
— Israel programs affected by plummeting Australian dollar
— Jewish attendance at Muslim festival
— Tips and tales from genealogist
— Jewish delegates may join Australia's Durban II team
— Russia Holds key to Iran
— Australian Foreign Minister Smith to visit Israel

Election is a joke: Daily Show Democrats by Rabbi Simcha Weinstein in New York

San Diego Jewish World endorsements

Sweat-equity partners sought for San Diego Jewish World by publisher

— March 28, 1950: What’s Cookin’ At Troop 99
— March 28, 1950:You Name It
— April 14, 1950: 1950 Fund Drive Begins Jewish Community Will Meet Obligations; Campaign Off to Good Start!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008 (Vol. 2, No. 257)

Peace-making, solving world food shortage are interrelated necessities by Donald H. Harrison in Tel Aviv

Local religious customs should be observed at the Western Wall by Ira Sharkansky in Jerusalem

Hamas must be 'dealt' with, by Shoshana Bryen in Washington, D.C.

San Diego Jewish World endorsements

Sweat-equity partners sought for San Diego Jewish World by publisher

Adarim: a shepherd's song transformed, by Cantor Sheldon Merel in San Diego

Classical Israeli musicians reunite at Rancho Santa Fe performance


— March 28, 1950: Jolly Sixteen
— March 28, 1950: J.C.R.A.
— March 28, 1950: San Diego Lasker Lodge No 37

Monday, October 27, 2008 (Vol. 2, No. 256)

Peres Peace House inaugurated during center's 10th anniversary by Donald H. Harrison in Tel Aviv 

Livni's call for new elections puts peace with Palestinians on back burner by Ira Sharkansky in Jerusalem

Ten Mideast lessons for next President by Norman Manson in San Diego 

San Diego Jewish World endorsements

Psychology teacher taught lessons to staff by Sheila Orysiek in San Diego

Play sculpts Jewish advice columnist whom readers knew as "Ann Landers" by Cynthia Citron in Pasadena, California

—March 28, 1950: News of the Fox
—March 28, 1950: San Diego Birdie Stodel B’nai B’rith Chapter No. 92
—March 28, 1950: Pioneer Women (Negba) Club

Sunday, October 26, 2008 (Vol. 2, No. 255)

Lame duck leaders seek to change conditions in the Middle East pond by Shoshana Bryen in Washington D.C.

Pro-Obama column, endorsement excoriated by Arizona reader — Letter to the Editor from Alan Rockman in Phoenix, Arizona

Campaign rhetoric promoting discrimination against Arabs, Muslims, African-Americans—Letter to the Editor from Carol Ann Goldstein in San Diego

Sweat-equity partners sought for San Diego Jewish World by future-minded publisher — A message from Donald H. Harrison

San Diego teen practices tikkun olam by Sara Appel-Lennon in San Diego

What is meant in Genesis that man was created in God's image? by Rabbi Leonard Rosenthal in San Diego

J*Company's Pocahontas thrilled — even before curtain went up by David Riech in San Diego

This Minority of One Fails to be Enchanted by Cynthia Citron in Los Angele

A bissel sports trivia with Bruce Lowitt in Oldsmar, Florida

—March 28, 1950: Jewish War Veterans, S.D. Post No. 185
—March 28, 1950: Council of Jewish Women
—March 28, 1950: Labor Zionist Organization
—March 28, 1950: Junior Charity Leagu

Friday-Saturday, October 24-25, 2008 (vol. 2,, No. 254)

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Yes, McCain pro-Israel, but... by Gary Rotto in San Diego
San Diego Jewish World endorsements, with links to editorials on which they were based

U.S. Presidents as seen by Richard Lederer by Gerry Greber in Escondido, California

Reprise: Thursdays with the songs of Hal Wingard—Linking problems prevented many people from hearing Hal's songs yesterday, so here are the links to them now. Printed lyrics may be found in Thursday's edition: #41 Old Love Sweet Love; , #91 Together We Will Watch Our Love; #280 To Make Things Fair.

Bleeding Kansas powerful in juxtaposition with U.S. election by Carol Davis in San Diego

—March 28, 1950: The Center Side
—March 28, 1950: Local Leaders Attend Men’s Club Conference in L.A.
—March 28, 1950:Toy Packing Party
—March 28, 1950:Bay City Chapter 713

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