Jewish Internet Favorites

These links below will take you to the edition where you'll find a description of the video as well as a link to it. Alphabetization is by first names. We regard anyone who is born Jewish, who has converted to Judaism or who has at least one Jewish parent as members of the Jewish community. If more than one person is mentioned in one of our descriptions, the first person mentioned is a Jewish community member.

Abe Vigoda as retired Detective Fish pays a return visit to the precinct in "Barney Miller"
Achinoam Nini (Noa) sings Boi Kallah (Come Bride)
Adam Arkin is a wine connoiseur in "Northern Exposure"
May 22, 2009
Adam Lambert portrays Joshua in musical "Ten Commandments" May 10, 2009
Adam Lambert sings at memorial tribute to Yitzhak Rabin May 10, 2009
Adam Levine Sings "She Will Be Loved" at Tsunami Aid Concert
Adam Sandler's Chanukah Song (2 versions)

Adiel Stein plays a Catholic boy (ironically) who tries to convert a dying Jewish boy in "Stolen Summer'
June 10, 2009
Adrien Brody learns how not to mix a drink from Martha Stewart
Al Franken combines politics, religion and humor in "God Spoke"
May 28, 2009
Al Franken on differences between a comedian and a senator
Al Jolson singing "The Wedding Song"
Al Lewis, as "Grandpa Munster" is remembered
Al Waxman in title role of "The King of Kensington"
April 30, 2009
Alan Arkin in "Last of the Red Hot Lovers" with Paula Prentiss, April 17, 2009
Alan King, comedian, on women living longer than men
Albert Brooks as Mr. Miller in 'Defending Your Life ' ,
May 3, 2009
Albert Einstein discusses Israel
Albert Einstein explains E=MC-squared
Allan Sherman parodies "Downtown"
Allen Ginsberg, "The Ballad of the Skeleton," accompanied by Paul McCartney
Amedeo Modigliani
Amy Irving sings with Willie Nelson in "Honeysuckle Rose" May 31, 2009
Amy Winehouse sings "Rehab" on the David Letterman Show
Andrew Sachs as Manuel in "Fawlty Towers"
April 29, 2009
Andy Kaufman explains what people need in life on "Taxi "
May 10, 2009
Anne Meara is interviewed about movie "Fired" along with husband Jerry Stiller and writer/director Anabell Gurwitch April 7, 2009
Anouk Aimée in "A Man and a Woman" (Un Homme et Une Femme)
Anson Williams as Potsy sings "Deeply" in "Happy Days" TV series
May 21, 2009
{Sir} Antony Sher as Alexander von Humboldt in "Measuring the World"
May 18, 2009
Art of The Tunisian Synagogue in Acco, Israel
June 9, 2009
Arturo Rubinstein plays Liszt
Ashley Tisdale sings "Kiss the Girl"

Barbara Barrie plays Aimee in an episode of "The Fugitive" with David Jansen , April 17, 2009
Barbara Hershey in "The Last of the Dogmen"
May 7, 2009
Barbra Streisand and Neil Diamond sing "You Don't Bring Me Flowers"
Barbra Streisand interviews Golda Meir, sings Hatikvah
Barbra Streisand is imitated by dog singing "One Minute Waltz"
Barbra Streisand sings "One Minute Waltz"
Barbra Streisand sings "The Way We Were" on the Dick Cavet Show
Barbra Streisand sings "What Are You Doing The Rest of Your Life?" in concert
May 20, 2009
Barry Manilow sings "Copacabana"
Barry Newman in title role of "Petrocelli"
April 27, 2009
Bea Arthur, In Memoriam,May 13, 1922-April 25, 2009, in a parody of 'Sex and the City'
April 27, 2009
Beatrice Arthur in title role of "Maude"
Before you boycott Israel produts, here's what you'd give up. May 3, 2009
Ben Elton does standup riff about dogs,
May 27, 2009
Ben Stein tells one sure way to survive almost anything,
May 19, 2009
Benny Goodman Quintet Live
Bernard Brasslaw in "Carry on Behind" with Joan Irwin, April 29, 2009
Bette Midler reminisces on the next to last Johnny Carson show
Bette Midler sings "From A Distance"
Bette Midler sings "Wind Beneath My Wings" in "Beaches"
May 13, 2009
Beverly Sills farewell performance
Billy Crystal and Rob Reiner tell background of Katz Deli scene in "When Harry Met Sally."
May 15, 2009
Billy Crystal in Saturday Night Live's 'You Look Marvellous'
May 4, 2009
Billy Crystal watches and Estelle Reiner envies as Meg Ryan provew women can fake it in "Harry Met Sally.
May 15, 2009
Billy Joel sings "We Didn't Start The Fire" -- February 12, 2009
Boaz Sharabi and Shoshana Damari sing "Lashir Itach"
Bob Balaban in "Dead Bang" with Don Johnson
May 1, 2009
Bob Dylan in concert sings a tribute to Lenny Bruce
Bob Dylan sings "Like a Rollin' Stone" in concert
May 5, 2009
Bob Einstein {aka Super Dave Osborne) makes comedy 'jump' from CN Tower
May 5, 2009
Bonnie Franklin in "One Day At A Time"
May 6, 2009
Boris Moiseev sings Kukol'naja Ljubov' ("Toys)
Brent Spiner plays Data the Android and his creator in a dual scene in Star Trek: The Next Generation May 19, 2009
Brian Epstein and the Beatles discuss their relationship
Brian George plays Pakistani Babu Bhatt on Seinfeld
May 29, 2009
Bronco Billy Anderson (Aronson) gets shot at while doing a jig in The Great Train Robbery
Bud Abbott and Lou Costello in their classic "Who Is On First" routine
Buddy Hackett pays tribute to Johnny Carson
Buddy Hackett tells the story of a hunter and a farmer arguing over a duck (last of several stories)

Camille Pissarro slide show
Cantor Yosef Rosenblatt sings My Yiddishe Mama
Captain Smartypants Sings Dreidel

Carl Reiner plays straight man to Mel Brooks in a sketch about tax deductions, April 13, 2009
Carol Bruce (1919-2007) sings "Boy With the Wistful Eyes" and "Getting Sentimental Over You", February 3, 2009
Carol Kane plays love-stricken Amanda in Cheers June 2, 2009
Caroline Aaron is the judge in "Ugly Betty", May 22, 2009
Carrie Fisher is profiled on Biography, May 28, 2009
Carter Jenkins (plaid shirt) in "Aliens in the Attic" June 7, 2009
Chaim Topol as Tevye
Chaim Topol as Tevye sings "Do You Love Me" with Norma Crane as Golde in Fiddler on the Roof April 30, 2009
Charles Grodin with an unusual proposal in "The Heartbreak Kid" April 21, 2009
Charlotte Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin in a daughter-mother duet, February 9, 2009
Charlotte Rae as Edna Garrett in "The Facts of Life" TV series, April 12, 2009
Chava Alberstein performs Soolam "The Ladder"
Chesty Morgan meets a man at a dance in "Double Agent 73"
Chico Marx plays the piano in Go West March 8, 2009
Chinese College Students in Hong Kong sing, play "Schindler's List", April 22, 2009
Claire Bloom as Anne is wooed by Sir Laurence Olivier in the title role of Shakespeare's Richard III; April 19, 2009
Curly Howard, and other Stooges, portray a "Nazti Spies"

Dan Hedaya in 'Blood Simple' May 7, 2009
Daniel Day-Lewis as Christie Brown in "My Left Foot" , May 27, 2009
Daniel Magder in 'Life Without Derek' , June 9, 2009
Danny Kaye performs "The Pellet With the Poison" in "The Court Jester" March 24, 2009
Danny Kaye sings “The Ugly Duckling” in the movie, Hans Christian Anderson January 25, 2009
Dany Brillant sings "Tu vuò fa l' americano" (You Want To Be An American)
Daryl Sabara in the "Wizards of Waverly Place" with Selena Gomez
June 10, 2009
David Alan Basche as Norris in "Oh Grow Up,"
May 1, 1953; reprint June 5, 2009
David Baddiel does stand up comedy early in his career
June 4, 2009
David Draiman of Disturbed sings “Down With the Sickness”
David Kossoff as "Carl" in "Indiscreet" with Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman
David Lee Roth sings "Ain't Talkin' About Love"
David Oistrakh plays Tschaikovsky Violin Concerto

David Proval plays Tony in "Mean Streets" May 14, 2009
David Warner is mad scientist Alfred Necessiter in "The Man With Two Brains", May 21, 2009
Dinah Shore and Pearl Bailey sing "Mack The Knife " February 27, 2009
Dinah Shore sings "See the USA in Your Chevrolet"
David Steinberg tells about getting onto the Johnny Carson Show , May 19, 2009
Don Rickles roasts Ronald Reagan on Dean Martin's Celebrity Roasts
Doris Roberts tries to get Robby an FBI Job in "Everybody Loves Raymond" April 13, 2009
Douglas Fairbanks in The Mark of Zorro March 6, 209
Dreidel's Day Out
Dreidel Song Animation (Matt Donato) December 25, 2009
Dustin Hoffman in "Tootsie" with Sydney Pollack ; April 22, 2009
Dyan Cannon sings "Two Sides to Every Story" in Honeysuckle Rose, April 19, 2009

Ed Ames tosses a tomahawk on the Johnny Carson Show-- wait for the punchline! March 27, 2009
Ed Asner as "Lou Grant" March 29, 2009
Ed Wynn does a skit with Carmen Miranda on his television show March 9, 2009
Eddie Butler sings "Together We Are One" February 4, 2009
Eddie Cantor in Kid Millions March 11, 2009
Eddie Cantor sings "Makin Whoopee" January 11, 2009
Eddie Fisher sings a medley of Al Jolson songs on Dean Martin Show
Eddie Fisher sings "Ain't She Sweet" on his TV Show April 3, 2009
Edward G. Robinson and Mary Astor in "Little Giant" March 16, 2009
Edyie Gorme, Steve Lawrence sing "This Could Be The Start of Something Big"
Eleanor Bron is wooed by Dudley Moore in "Bedazzled," April 19, 2009
Eli Wallach is an observer in a shootout between Clint Eastwood and Lee Van Cleef in "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly"

Elisabeth Berner in the title role of The Rise of Catherine the Great

Elizabeth Taylor in the title role of "Cleopatra" (trailer), April 30, 2009
Elkie Brooks sings "Lilac Wine" February 2, 2009
Ellen Barkin gets harangued in "Diner" by Daniel Stern , May 24, 2009
Elliott Gould shows his knowledge of medicine in "Getting Straight" April 21, 2009
Elliott Yamin sings "A Song for You" on American Idol March 3, 2009
Emmanuelle Beart in title role of "Nathalie",
June 5, 2009
Erich Von Stroheim as The Great Gabbo

Estelle Harris as Muriel in "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody" April 21, 2009
Etti Ankri & David D'Or perform "Lolita" in Hebrew
Eugene Levy in "The Man" with Samuel L. Jackson , May 11, 2009
Evan Sabara, Daryl Sabara and Dmitry Salita do a promo for Chabad's" One Shabbat, One World. June 10, 2009

Fa La Freezing by Earthquake
Fannie Brice performs "When A Man Loves A Woman" January 13, 2009
Fanny Brice sings "It's Gorgeous to be Graceful" in Be Yourself

Fenella Fielding makes guest appearance on Morecambe & Wise comedy show , April 20, 2009
'Fiddler on the Roof' in Japanese
Flora Cross is a nominee, but loses to Dakota Fanning, in best young actress competion, June 7, 2009
Fran Drescher plays herself and the Nannie in a promotional piece, May 27, 2009
Francis Lederer as Officer Selieff in Wunderbare Lüge der Nine Petrowna (1929) March 15, 2009
Frank Oz (white shirt, yellow patterned tie) in 'World of Jim Henson May 14, 2009
Fred Sadoff as "Mr. Linarcos" in "The Poseidon Adventure" confronts Leslie Nielsen as the captain April 14, 2009
Frida Kahlo Tribute
January 9, 2009
Fyvush Finkel plays attorney Douglas Wambaugh in "Picket Fences"
April 2, 2009

Gabe Kaplan (Kotter) introduces John Travalta (Barbarino) in "Welcome Back Kotter", May 8, 2009
Gary Shandling does a standup routine on his grandmother's shaking dog for Comic Relief May 17, 2009
Gene Wilder in the title role of 'Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory' May 1, 2009
Gene Wilder learns how to be black from Richard Pryor January 19, 2009
George Burns and Gracie Allen cut the rug
George Burns is roasted by President-to-be Ronald Reagan,
January 18, 2009
George Jessel as mystery guest on 'What's My Line?'January 8, 2009
George Segal in "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf" with Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor and Sandy Dennis.
April 29, 2009
Gertrude Berg as "Molly" in The Goldbergs
Gertrude Berg (Molly Goldberg) on "What's My Line?"

Gila Almagor sings a love song in Hebrew April 16, 2009
Gilda Radner as substitute teacher Emily Litela January 28, 2009
Gilda Radner on Barbara Walters and vice versa May 14, 2009
Golan 115-kilometer bike ride April 16, 2009
Goldie Hawn explains time zones on Rowan and Martin's 'Laugh-In' May 7, 2009
Groucho Marx singing "Its Only Money"with Frank Sinatra, 1951 January 2, 2009

Hadag Nahash sings "Gabby and Debby" March 3, 2009
Hadag Nahash sings "The Sticker Song"
Hal Linden in the title role of Barney Miller tv series , April 26, 2009
Hallie Kate Eisenberg, a la Godfather, insists on her Pepsi, June 7, 2009
Hank Azaria in "Tuesdays with Morrie" June 4, 2009
Hannukah Bird by Eric Schwartz December 26, 2008
Hannukah in Santa Monica by Tom Lehrer
Haran Yaffe sings "Boker Tel Aviv" (Morning Tel Aviv) May 3, 2009
Harold Ramis starts the marchers singing in "Stripes" with Bill Murray , May 15, 2009
Harpo Marx performs mirror image magic with Lucille Ball, March 8, 2009
Harrison Ford, son of Dora Nidelman and Christopher Ford, May 6, 1953
Harry Reems is a teacher in "The Devil in Miss Jones" May 15, 2009
Harry Shearer demonstrates some of the voices he does on "The Simpsons" May 18, 2009
Harvey Fierstein talks about "A Catered Affair," the movie that inspired his play, May 28, 2009
Harvey Keitel socks it to him in "Life on Mars", April 22, 2009
Harvey Korman seeks a litany of evil doers (with Slim Pickens) in "Blazing Saddles"
"Hava Nagila" performed by Andre Rieu and orchestra
Hayden sings "Dynamite Walls" February 11, 2009
Hedy Lamarr in "Algiers" with Charles Boyer
Helen Reddy sings "I Am Woman" February 23, 2009
Helen Shapiro sings "Walkin' Back to Happiness" February 26, 2009
Helen Suzman tribute
Henny Youngman--YAHC 1984
Henry Goodman is chef Felix Limb in comedy "Out on a Limb" May 31, 2009
Henry Winkler as The Fonz in "Happy Days" TV series May 21, 2009
Henry Winkler as the Fonz meets Robin Williams as Mork January 26, 2009
Herb Alpert plays "A Taste of Honey" January 29, 2009
Hermione Gingold as Mme. Arnfeldt in A Little Night Music, with Elizabeth Taylor playing her daughter, Desiree
Herschel Bernardi in Fiddler on The Roof
Herschel Bernardi in the title role of TV series "Arnie", March 30, 2009

Ian Broudie sings "Song for No One"
Ida Kaminska in The Shop on Main Street
Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth performing "Defying Gravity" in Wicked
Irving Berlin is saluted at Oscar Awards

Isaac Stern rehearses Mozart concerto in Beijing, January 5, 2009
Itzhak Perlman and Pinchas Zukerman perform Johan Halvorsen's Passacaglia Duo for Violin and Viola, March 5, 2009
Itzhak Perlman plays klezmer

Jack Albertson and Red Skelton in a "Clem Kaddidlehopper" skit in which a cow 'ad libs,' March 16, 2009
Jack Benny as a contestant on Groucho Marx's "You Bet Your Life" January 20, 2009
Jack Benny hits up Walt Disney for 110 tickets to Disneyland

Jack Black is a conductor in public service spot for oceans, June 5, 2009
Jack Klugman in title role of "Quincy M.E." April 6, 2009
Jack Warden plays trainer Max Corkle in "Heaven Can Wait" with Warren Beatty,
April 15, 2009
Jackie Mason does a 1960s standup routine on politicians April 26, 2009
Jackie Mason on Hollywood Paladium

Jakob Dylan sings "Something Good This Way Comes"
James Caan as Axel Freed in "The Gambler" May 3, 2009
Jamie Lee Curtis dances in "Prom Night" , May 27, 2009
Jan Murray hosts "Dollar A Second" quiz show March 25, 2009
Jan Peerce and Deanna Durbin sing "Miserere" in a movie Feb. 22, 2009
Janet Suzman as the mother in "A Day in the Death of Joe Egg" with Alan Bates April 30, 2009
Jascha Heifetz plays Paganini Caprice No. 24 January 4, 2009
Jason Alexander sings "Put on a Happy Face" in Bye Bye Birdie May 22, 2009
Jean Ferrat sings "La Montagne" (The Mountain) February 9, 2009
Jean Pierre Aumont in "The Cross of Lorraine" (trailer) March 20, 2009
Jeff Goldblum is "Mr. Frost" with Kathy Baker
May 29, 2009
Jeffrey Tambor wanted to tell the secret in "Arrested Development" May 20, 2009
Jenifer Bertoli sings Le Souvenir de ce jour (The Memory of This Day)February 1, 2009
Jerry Douglas of "Young and the Restless" shows he can sing too, April 20, 2009
Jerry Lewis clowns around to "Saber Dance" with partner Dean Martin in Colgate Comedy Hour April 6, 2009
Jerry Lewis "typewriter" skit from Who's Minding the Store? January 1, 2009
Jerry Lewis tries to outdrum Buddy Rich January 20, 2009
Jerry Orbach tribute from cast members of 'Law and Order' April 28, 2009
Jerry Seinfeld and the dentist, (Yiddish and English)
Jerry Stiller as Arthur Spooner wants some pizza on "King of Queens" with Kevin James April 15, 2009
Jessica Walter and William Shatner in TV series "For The People" May 20, 2009
Jews of Harbin, China

Jill St. John as Tiffany Case in "Diamonds Are Forever" May 19, 2009
Joan Collins as the diabolical Alexis in "Dynasty," April 20, 2009
Joan Rivers cashes in on her face lifts for Geico, April 28, 2009
Joanna Gleason is the baker's wife in "Into the Woods," May 29, 2009
Joe Besser's life and comedy career retold on St. Louis television station KETC March 17, 2009
Joe Dassin sings "L'Ete Indien" (Indian Summer) February 5, 2009
Joey Bishop cameo on the Jackson Variety Show
John Banner as Schultz in Hogan's Heroes. He "knows nothing!" March 20, 2009
John Garfield and Lana Turner in "The Postman Always Rings Twice" March 22, 2009
John Houseman reading the telephone book March 18, 2009
Jonah Bobo is accused of cheating in "Zathura," June 7, 2009
Jonas Salk tells Academy of Achievement about discovery of polio vaccine January 2, 2009
Jonathan Lipnicki is interviewed about his part in Stuart Little with clips and Hugh Laurie
June 9, 2009
Josef Kobzon sings "Song of Sofia Rotaru" with children's choir (Russian)

Joseph Schildkraut as "Otto" in The Diary of Anne Frank
Judd Hirsch worries how good a father he has been in "Numbers" April 21, 2009
Judith Edelman sings "I'm Feelin' Lucky Today"
Judith Light on "Tony Danza Show" with a clip from "Who's The Boss" May 12, 2009
Judy Holliday in "Born Yesterday" plays gin with Broderick Crawford.
Judy Kaye as a Spanish Lolita in "Mama Mia" skit May 10, 2009
Julia Feldman in Medieval costume sings Yeled Vebeer (The Boy and the Well) February 8, 2009
Julie Kavner as Woody Allen's girlfriend in Oedipus Wrecks, a segment of New York stories
June 2, 2009
Julie Zenatti sings a duet with Gilbert Becaud


Keenan Wynn in "Around the World" with David McCallum and Lloyd Bridges March 27, 2009
Kelsey Grammer as Frasier gives a bar mitzvah blessing in Klingon!
April 24, 2009
Keren Ann Zeidel sings "Not Going Anywhere" February 1, 2009
Keren Peles sings "If This Is Life" (Hebrew) February 13, 2009
Kevin Kline in "I Love You to Death" with Phoebe Cates May 11, 2009
Kirk Douglas as Vincent Van Gogh in "Lust for Life" (trailer)
Kitty Carlisle Hart remembered in tribute

Lainie Kazan sings to Yul Brynner in "Romance of a Horse Thief" May 10, 2009
Larry Blyden in the title role of "What Makes Sammy Run?"
Larry David has staring contests in "Curb Your Enthusiasm" May 4, 2009
Larry Fine of The Three Stooges retrieves cats from the piano March 18, 2009
Larusso sings "Tu m'oublieras" (You will forget me) February 16, 2009
Lauren Bacall in "To Have and Have Not" with Humphrey Bogart
Laurence Harvey as Raymond in "The Manchurian Candidate" with Angela Lansbury
Latke Song by Debbie Friedman
Lee Grant has her hair cut by Warren Beatty in Shampoo, when Goldie Hawn isn't interrupting April 3, 2009
Lee J. Cobb as Barak Ben-Canaan in "Exodus" (Trailer) March 22, 2009
Lenny Bruce clips, " A thinking man's comedian"
Leon Trotsky, his life in pictures
Leon Askin as General Albert Burkhalter in French-dubbed Hogan's Heroes episode also featuring Werner Klemperer as Colonel Klink March 17, 2009
Leonard Cohen sings "The Stranger" February 5, 2009
Leonard Fenton in "The Bridge" April 2, 2009
Leonard Nimoy as "Spock" in promo for 2009 Star Trek movie April 28, 2009
Leonard Nimoy: The Origin of Spock's Greeting
Leslie Ann Warren is Cinderella to Stuart Damon's Prince Charming March 21, 2009
Leslie Howard as Sir Percy Blakeney in The Scarlet Pimpernel
Lillian Roth sings "Low Down" in movie "Madam Satan"
Linda Lavin "gets a pass" in "Alice" April 24, 2009
Linda Lavin (television's 'Alice') in concert February 16, 2009
Lisa Loeb Sings "Stay (I Missed You)"
Lloyd Bochner as Chambers in "To Serve Man" on Twilight Zone March 30, 2009
Lorne Greene as Ben Cartwright in "Passion for Justice" episode of Bonanza March 23, 2009
Lou Reed sings "Take A Walk on the Wild Side" February 23, 2009
Louise Lasser breaks it off with Woody Allen, April 24, 2009
Lucy Kaplansky sings "The Red Thread" February 13, 2009
Luise Rainer as Anna Held in "The Great Zigfield" March 25, 2009
Lynsey de Paul sings “Sugar Me” February 6, 2009

Madeline Kahn parodies Marlena Dietrich in "Blazing Saddles" May 8, 2009
Mama Mia in Yiddish and English
Marc Chagall slide show
Marc Cohn sings "Live Out the String"
Marilyn Monroe-Jack Benny comedy sketch, 1953
Marilyn Monroe sings "Happy Birthday" to President John F. Kennedy
Marian Rung sings "Hyvästi yö" (Finnish: "Where is the Night?")
Mark Ronson, on guitar, performs "Apply Some Pressure" with the BBC Orchestra
Martin Balsam in "Twelve Angry Men"
Martin Landau as Rollin Hand playing a clown as Barbara Bain plays a cabaret singer in "Mission Impossible" April 23, 2009
Marty Allen and sidekick Steve Rossi on What’s My Line
Marty Feldman brings his pet monster to the veterinarian, April 20, 2009
Mary Hart interviews the Obamas and Bidens during 2008 campaign, May 31, 2009
Mason Adams explains how HBO schedules movies:
Mathieu Amalric is locked into his body in The Diving Bell and the Butterfly , June 3, 1953
Maureen Lipman plays Lillian Spencer in "Coronation Street" May 12, 2009
Max Linder tries to officiate match in Combat de Boxe
Matt Dusk sings “Back In Town"
Mel Blanc demonstrates his many famous voices for Johnny Carson
Mel Brooks in "The History of the World" in scene explaining the origin of the Ten Commandments
Mel Brooks tells Johnny Carson about his first meetings with Cary Grant
Mel Tormé sings "On The Street Where You Live"
Mel Torme sings "The Trolley Song" with Judy Garland
Melvyn Douglas in Ninotchka with Greta Garbo
Menorah E-mail
Michael Landon's laugh helps reconcile a husband and wife in "Little House on the Prairie"
April 23, 2009
Michael Lembeck in "One Day At A Time" opener {unrelated GE commercial follows}
May 11, 2009
Michael Rabin, 15, plays "Tambourin Chinois" by Fritz Kreisler
Michel Berger sings "Chanter pour ceux"
Michael Chekhov as Dr. Alex Brulov in Alfred Hitchcock's Spellbound
Michael Douglas is a lion hunter in "The Ghost and the Darkness" with Val Kilmer
May 5, 2009
Michel Polnareff sings "Lettre a France" (Letter to France)
Michelle Citrin and William Levin tell 20 things to do with left over matzah
Mideast Geography Test
Mike and Bernie Winters (about 3 minutes in)-British brothers act
May 1, 2009
Mike Brant sings "Laisse-moi t'aimer" (Let me love you)
Mike Wallace interviews Ayn Rand
Milton Berle does some shtick with Elvis Presley and Debra Paget
Milton Berle vs. Arnold Stang
Milton Berle vs. Statler and Waldorf (Muppets)
Miriam Karlin as shop steward in "The Rag Trade"
Miriam Margolyes plays Kevin Kline's disappointed mama in "Love You to Death"
May 13, 2009
Misha Dichter plays Lizst's Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2
Misha Marmar sings "Vi Bist Du Gevein"
Mo Howard of the Three Stooges as a "Kung Fu Master"
Molly Picon sings "Abi Gezeundt" in
Mom's Song
Monty Hall reprises his "Let's Make A Deal" game show on "Good Morning America"
Mordechai Ben David (MBD) sings "Racheim" (Have Mercy)
Morey Amsterdam does vaudeville shtick with Art Carney

Morey Amsterdam and Rose Marie in a standup routine on Hollywood Palace
Mort Sahl on the Steve Allen Show, 1960
Moscow Yiddish Theatre

Moscow Yiddish Theatre
Myron Cohen on the Ed Sullivan Show

Nadira, Indian Jewish actress, sings and dances in Shree 420 , April 27, 2009
Natalie Schafer as millionaire's wife on "Gilligan's Island"
Nathalia Ramos as Yasmin keeps falling for the guy in "Bratz",
9, 2009
Neil Diamond sings "I Am, I Said," in concert
May 1, 2009
Neil Diamond sings "Sweet Caroline"

Neil Sedaka sings "Calendar Girl"
Nell Carter sings "Amazing Grace" in Gimme A Break. May 3, 2009
Nigerian Christian pilgrims salute Israel on its 60th birthday
Nikki Yanofsky sings "It Don't Mean A Thing

Ofra Haza sings "Chai"(Alive)
Ophelie Winter sings "Le Feu Qui M'Attisse (The fire that excites me)
Origins of Marx Brothers names
Owen Kline is the younger son in "The Squid and the Whale"
June 9, 2009


Patricia Arquette as and about Allison DuBois in Medium June 4, 2009
Patrick Bruel sings Qui A Le Doit (Who Has the Right)
Paul Adelstein plays the guitar and sings in TV series "Cupid" June 3, 2009
Paul Michael Glaser (Starsky of Starsky & Hutch) in first part of video with his leading ladies, May 6, 2009
Paul Mazursky promos his documentary on Chasidim, "Yippee" , April 26, 2009
Paul Muni as Tony in Scarface (1932)
Paul Newman plays a romantic scene with Elke Summer in "The Prize"
Paul Simon sings "Slip Slidin' Away"
Paula Abdul performs "Dance Likes There's No Tomorrow" in SuperBowl pregame show , June 3, 2009
Paula Abdul performs "Promise of a New Day"
Paulette Goddard as Loxi Claiborne in "Reap the Wild Wind"
Peggy Lipton plays Julie in "The Mod Squad" May 12, 2009
Peter Coyote promos his part in the Road to Avonlea May 4, 2009
Peter Falk as "Columbo" participating in Dean Martin's celebrity roast with Frank Sinatra, Don Rickels, George Burns and others
Peter Lorre as Ugarte in "Casablanca" with Humphrey Bogart
Peter Riegert in "Crossing Delancey" with Amy Irving May 17, 2009
Peter Sellers as Inspector Jean Jacques Clouseau in "The Pink Panther Strikes Again"
Phil Silvers in "The Con Man Episode" of Sergeant Bilko
Pink sings "Dear Mr. President"
Piper Laurie declares Paul Newman is "too hungry" in "The Hustler," April 24, 2009
Political Irony with Robin Williams

Ra (Sahaj Ticotin ) sings "Broken Hearted Soul"
Rachel Stevens sings "I Said Never Again (But Here We Are)"
Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel talks about his beliefs
Rami Kleinstein sings 'Winds of War,' May 11, 2009
Randall Batinkoff becomes a daddy in "For Keeps"
June 5, 2009
Randy Newman performs "You've Got A Friend In Me"
Red Buttons and Dean Martin do a vaudeville act
Regina Resnik as "Carmen" on Bell Telephone Hour production
Reinette L'Oranaise —A portrait and performance by the blind Algerian Jewish singer (Arabic and French)
Rhea Perlman plays a steady, cheated-upon girlfriend in "Love Comes Lately" May 14, 2009
Richard Benjamin in episode of "He and She" with Paula Prentiss, April 17, 2009
Richard Dreyfuss as a paraplegic in "Whose Life Is It Anyway?"
May 5, 2009
Richard Kline hosts "To Tell The Truth"
May 11, 2009
Richard Lewis and Larry David argue about David's bathroom habits in "Curb Your Enthusiasm"
May 12, 2009
Richard Masur in "Mr. Boogedy"
May 13, 2009
Ricky Jay, magician, demonstrates card control
May 8, 2009
Ritz Brothers Comedy
Robby Benson loves a beautiful skater in "Ice Castles"
May 24, 2009
Robert Clary as Corporal LeBeau in Hogan's Heroes
Robert Klein does a standup routine on "anthropomorphism"
May 10, 2009
Rod Serling previews for advertisers what "The Twilight Zone" will be all about
Rodney Dangerfield does a standup bit on getting "no respect"
Rodney Dangerfield on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show
Ron Moody reviews the situation as a somewhat loveable Faigin in "Oliver"
Ron Rifkin as Saul in "Brothers and Sisters," April 28, 2009
Ron Silver as political advisor Bruno Gianelli in "The West Wing", May 18, 2009
Ronni Ancona does a comedic impression of celebrity cook shows , June 3, 2009
Rosanna Arquette helps humanitarian campaign for Burma
May 24, 2009
Roseanne Barr plays unhappy housewife in stage preview of "Roseanne" TV show,
May 24, 2009
Rudolf Serkin plays 3rd movement of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata

Rudolf Serkin plays Shubert's Piano Sonata in B Flat

Sagiv Cohen sings "Yashkef" (Observe) Sung in the Yemenite Jewish style
Salman Ahmad (Muslim peace singer) and Junoon in New York's Central Park
Sam Jaffe in the title role of "Gunga Din" with Cary Grant and Douglas Fairbanks Jr.
Sam Wanamaker as father of Goldie Hawn in "Private Benjamin"
Sami Frey as Franz in "Bande a Part' (English subtitles),April 22, 2009
Sammy Davis Jr. sings "I've Got To Be Me" on Playboy After Dark
Sandi Masori of Balloon Utopia teaches 6 balloon hat techniques
Sandi Masori teaches how to make a balloon diva, Part I
Sandi Masori teaches how to make a balloon diva, Part II
Sandi Masori teaches how to make a balloon raccoon, Part I and I,
April 20, 2009
Sandi Masori teaches how to make a balloon elephant,
May 11, 2009
Sandy Koufax pitching

Sara Paxton sings "Take A Walk"
Sarah Ramos is the new girl in school in "Runaway" TV series , June 10, 2009
Sarit Hadad sings "Malahe Shamayim"
Sasha Baron Cohen as "Borat" on David Letterman Show
Saul Rubinek dips into death in "Death Ship" May 17, 2009
Scott Glenn plays astronaut Alan Shepherd in "The Right Stuff" May 7, 2009
Serge Gainsbourg sings "The Initials BB"
Shari Lewis and "Lamb Chop" advise "Don't Wake Your Mom"
April 24, 2009
Shelley Berman as Mr. Hoffer in "Pushing Daisies"

Shelley Berman gets a singing lesson from Dean Martin
Shelley Berman on Life's Little Embarassing Moments
Shelley Morison as "Rosario" in "Will and Grace" April 27, 2009
Shelley Winter films, montage (April 16, 2009)
Shemp Howard (of the Three Stooges) almost avoids being poisoned in "For Crimin' Out Loud"
Shiri Maimon sings "Ahava Ktana" (A Bit of Love)
Shlomi Shabat sings Tnu Ligdol Besheket, a song of the IDF
Shlomo Artzi sings "We Don't Need More Than That" (Hebrew, English subtitles)
Shlomo Carlebach—The rabbi gives a concert
Shoshana Damari sings Kalaniyot
Shuly Natan performs at a Hassidic Festival
Sid Caesar and company in "The Clock," a classic comedy bit
Sid Caesar and Nanette Fabray argue to Beethoven's 5th
Sid James as King Henry in "Carry on Henry"
Sigmund Freud home movie
Simon & Garfunkel sing "Homeward Bound" on the Smothers Brothers Show
Simon & Garfunkel sing "The Sound of Silence"
Simone Signoret in "The Rom At The Top" with Laurence Harvey
Sophie Milman sings "Ochie Chernye" (Dark Eyes)
Sophie Tucker sings a medley on the Ed Sullivan Show
Stefani Valadez Ensemble at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion
Stepfanie Kramer meets her new roommate in "Three Coins in a Fountain" June 2, 2009
Stephen Fry as a police officer with Hugh Laurie in a BBC comedy sketch, "your name sir." May 29, 2009
Stephen Macht as Trevor in "General Hospital" May 13, 2009
Steve Guttenberg and Anna Trebunskaya in 'Dancing With the Stars'
Steve Guttenberg plays Cadet Mahoney in "Police Academy" May 31, 2009
Steve Hofstetter does a standup comedy routine on racism
Steve Somers delivers a TV sports cast in 1982 May 4, 2009
Steven Berkoff plays a "horse" for Joan Collins in "Decadence", April 17, 2009
Steven Spielberg Accepting Oscar in 1994 for 'Schindler's List'
Steven Spielberg is interviewed on "Inside the Actor's Studio." May 18, 2009
Streit's Matzah Bakery visited by Martha Stewart, May 13, 2009
Susan Cabot in "The Wasp Woman"
Susan Kohner as Sarah Jane passes for white in "Imitation of Life" with
Juanita Moore as her real mother
April 23, 2009
Susan Strasberg as "Penny" in Scream of Fear (also titled Taste of Fear) April 29, 2009
Susanna Hoffs sings "Eternal Flame"
Sylvia Sidney in "Thirty Day Princess" with Cary Grant

'Teapack' at 2007 Eurovision competition
The Passover Symbols Song
The Prophet Musa I
The Prophet Musa II
The Ten Commandments movie trailer-A
The Ten Commandments movie trailer-B

Theda Bara in the Unchastened Woman
Theodore Bikel and Alberto Mizrahi sing a fusion song
Theodore Bikel and Judy Collins sing "Kisses Sweeter Than Wine."
Theodore Bikel in "A Dog of Flanders"
Three Stooges: Curly's Sweater
Tina Karol sings "Millie"
Tina Louise plays 'Ginger the movie star' on Gilligan's Island April 26, 2009
Tom Arnold goes to the mall to meet girls (with Chris Farley) May 22, 2009
Tom Bosley and the rest of the Happy Days cast at 30th reunion celebration
Toni Kalem is cheated on in "The Wanderers" June 2, 2009
Tony Curtis as Josephine in "Some Like It Hot" with Jack Lemmon and Marilyn Monroe

Tony Randall (and Jack Klugman) in an "Odd Couple" episode
Tovah Feldshuh and her roles as Irena, Golda are profiled on Better.TV, May 28, 2009

Torah Lessons from G-dcast
Parashat Balak, July 3, 2009
Parashat Bo

Parashat Devarim, July 26, 2009
Parashat Ekev, August 9, 2009
Parashat Emor
Parashat Metzorah
Parashat Masei
Parashat Naso, June 5, 2009
Parashat Pinchas, July 2, 2009
Parashat Re'ev, August 16, 2009
Parashat Shimini
Parashat Shoftim, August 23, 2009
Parashat Tsav
Parashat Vayikra
Parashat Va'etchanan ...August 2, 2009
Parashat Yitro, May 28, 2009

U.S. Air Force Band playing Morton Gould's American Salute

Vanessa Hidary recites "Hebrew Mamita"

Vic Morrow is an adult role model in a Bonanza episode
Victor Borge and the page turner
Victor Garber plays the senior partner in Eli Stone TV series,
May 6, 2009
Vladimir Horowitz plays Chopin's Ballade No. 1 at Carnegie Hall.

Wallace Shawn debates which wine is poisoned in "The Princess Bride" May 17, 2009
Walter Koenig as Chekhov is transported to Tombstone, Arizona in "Star Trek" original series, April 22, 2009
Walter Matthau agonizes in the back seat of a slow car in "The Odd Couple."
Warren Mitchell as Willie Loman in "Death of a Salesman"
Wayne and Shuster in "City Golf"
Werner Klemperer (at Colonel Klink) and other members of the Hogan's Heroes cast drop in on Bing Crosby on Hollywood Palace
William H. Macy does a ukelele promo for his appearance in "Wild Hogs," poking fun at fellow actors
William Shatner plays the good and evil Captain Kirks in original Star Trek series April 29, 2009
William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, (Kirk and Spock) act against their wills
Woody Allen and "The Moose"
Woody Allen in opening of "Annie Hall" (April 16, 2009)

Xaviera Hollander tells her story in "The Happy Hooker" May 8, 2009

Yael Naim sings "New Soul"
Yair Nitzani explains the "three kinds of Jews"
Yale Strom and Elizabeth Schwartz in joint performance
Yale Strom plays klezmer and interviews in Bialystok
Yaphet Kotto at Lt. Al Giardello wants the unit to work "more as a team" in "Homicide: Life On the Streets" April 23, 2009
Yehudi Menuhin plays 3rd movement of Paganini's Concerto No. 1
Yehudit Ravitz sings with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra "Sof La Sipur" (The End to the Story)
Yvan Attal in "My Wife Is An Actress" June 4, 2009
Yvonne Mitchell as the disorganized housewife in "Woman in a Dressing Gown"

Zehava Ben sings "Inta Omri" ("You Are My Life")
Zero Mostel as Max Bialystok in "The Producers" with Gene Wilder
Zoe Wanamaker as Susan in "My Family," British sitcom May 20, 2009