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Thursday-Saturday, December 31-January 2, 2009
White House opposes Israel’s new housing in East Jerusalem
Last 2009 flight of North American olim leaves for Israel
White House condemns violent ’suppresion’ of civilians in Iran
U.S. Broadcasting Board of Governors condemns latest censorship in Iran
U.S. to sell $290 million in enhanced guided bombs to United Arab Emirates
U.S. to sell UAE ircraft, missile defense systems and other military gear
Congressman Wolf urges terrorist suspects not be sent from Guantanamo to Yemen
Obama orders tightening of airplane anti-terror safeguards
Obama says ’systemic failure’ led to near-bombing on Christmas Day
Lieberman, Collins announce Senate hearing into attempted airline bombing
Justice Department charges Abdulmutallab with attempted bombing of aircraft
Lieberman asks why attempted bombing suspect was allowed to fly to U.S.
Mica blames TSA leadership, urges U.S. adopt Israeli model for flight safety
ADL renews call to Vatican to open Holocaust-era archives of Pope Pius XII
Jews of Australia topic of Jan. 8 Shabbat talk at Dor Hadash
Phil Snyder of San Diego forwarded this video report by Brad Pomerance on research on Jewish genes

Tuesday-Wednesday, December 29-30, 2009

Hillel Neuer, spokesman for United Nations Watch, rips into the U.N. Human Rights Commission's record. Link to video
Israeli newspapers de-emphasizing photo journalism, survey finds
Immigration to Israel from North America increased in 2009
Rabbi Sherman’s installation at Etz Rimon set for Jan 9
Our editor, Don Harrison, has been writing a continuing series of general-interest stories on sightseeing in San Diego. Here's the link to the series index.

Sunday-Monday, December 27-28, 2009
Vigdor to step down as director general of Jewish Agency to take similar post with Israel’s Board of Higher Education

Israelis by 3-1 margin believe Obama has bias in favor of Palestinians
Haifa University awards three prizes for non-fiction
Health Care compromise wins approval, reservations from Jewish officeholders and interest groups
Alison Gendar and Samuel Goldsmith, “Conviction of disbarred lawyer Lynn Stewart upheld for smuggling messages to jailed terrorist,” {Referral to New York Daily News}

Thursday-Saturday, December 24-26, 2009

--Gilad Shalit prisoner exchange rumors intensify
-- ZOA opposes prisoner exchange for Shalit; argues it will lead to more kidnapping and terror
--Israel’s chief rabbi expresses concern over possible sainthood for Pope Pius XII
--U.S. Treasury Department freezes assets of Iraqi insurgent group
--Auschwitz sign thieves apolitical, may have been commissioned by collector
--WJC provides background on its doubts about Pius XII sainthood
--Survivors shed tears during Demjanjuk trial
--Lloyds TSB “Bank pays $217 million fine for helping Iran circumvent U.S. trade laws
--Moldovan church indirectly blames Jews for anti-Semitic incident
--European Court of Human Rights rules Jews and Roma should be enfranchised in Bosnia-Herzogovina
-- Sharansky is ‘Man of Year’ for Union of Jewish Communities of Russia
--Jimmy Carter says an ‘Al Het’ if any of his words stigmatized Israel
--Wyden calls for action to shut off flow of money from Saudi Arabia and other countries to Taliban
--Reform movement expresses mixed reactions over Health Care bill
--NCJW denounces Senate health care restrictions on abortion coverage
-- Mozart’s violin played at benefit for Jews for Judaism
--Shonda file: Spinka Rebbe Naftali Tzi Weisz sentenced to two years in prison for tax evasion
-- Like every U.S. President, Obama becoming scapegoat for world’s bad guys
-- ADL urges attendance at Jan. 18 All People’s Breakfast
--Recommended reading and viewing #8
--Recommended reading and viewing #9

--Jewish Major Leaguers announce awards for Braun, Feldman

Tuesday-Wednesday, December 22-23, 2009

--Abbas says Olmert offered to swap land in Negev for Israeli settlement blocs
--Barak says electronic isolation may be used to rein in West Bank settlers
-- University of Haifa students mount video campaign for Gilad Shalit’s release
-- Propagandists trying to conflate Abu Kabir experience with false charges of harvesting Palestinian organ
--French broadcast authority warns carrying Hamas TV violates the law
--ZOA reports poll finds Americans favoring military action to stop Iran’s nuclear program
--Possible elevation of Pope Pius XII to sainthood stirs Jewish controversy
--Stolen Auschwitz sign found cut into thirds
--Neo-nazis promoting white supremacy through music downloads
--Poway, Encinitas fire departments to be honored at Seacrest Village fundraiser Feb. 6
--Two recipes from the Israeli shlicha at United Jewish Federation
--Recommended reading and viewing #7

Sunday-Monday, December 20-21,2009

--Human Rights Watch says migrants abused in many countries including Arab countries, Israel and U.S.
--ADL lists its top 10 Jewish issues for 2009
--Middle Eastern countries most restrictive on religion, American countries the least

--Gordon Brown to Tzipi Livni: You’re welcome in Britain
--New EU Foreign Minister Catherine Ashton denounces Israel
--ZOA endorses Israel counter-boycott campaign against British goods
--Iran’s missile test spurs talk of sanctions, war
--Iran producing new generations of centrifuges
--U.S. proposes sales to upgrade Egypt’s defenses
--U.S, U.A.E. sign nuclear detection agreement
­--U.S. plans to sell four C-17 Globemaster III’s to United Arab Emirates
--Fundraiser pleads guilty to sending money to Iraq during Saddam’s time
--Trade between Jordan and U.S. dips
--U.S. to build base for Kuwait’s 26th Al Soor Brigade
U.S. to sell 2,742 TOW missile to Saudi Arabia
--Credit Suisse forfeits $536 million for helping Iran, other countries, circumvent U.S. laws
--‘Arbeit macht frei’ sign stolen from Auschwitz
--ADL wants Poland to track down perpetrators and those who allowed Auschwitz sign to be stolen
--Hungary’s Supreme Court upholds ban on Hungarian Guard
--Jewish Free School in UK ruled guilty of discrimination
--Senators fear terrorist allies have licenses to fly in U.S.
--B’nai B’rith urges long-term health care be addressed in Health Care Bill
--Shonda file: FBI linguist pleads guilty to leaking secrets
--ZOA tells background of Supreme Court brief to protect foreign officeholders who acted in official capacities
--Conservative legal group files suit to permit judge to display 10 Commandments in courtroom
Recommended reading and viewing #6

Thursday-Saturday, December 17-19, 2009

London court issues, then cancels arrest warrant for Tzipi Livni
--Miliband wants to curb court’s powers to issue arrest warrants for foreign dignitaries
--Israel, U.S. discuss economies, high tech job creation
--Israeli goalie cursed by crowd in Spanish soccer match
--Ismail Haniyeh says Hamas will not compromise with Israel
--Winning battle for public opinion not the same as winning the real battle
--Cantor: Iran missile tests make sanctions imperative
--ADL urges Senate to act quickly on Iran sanctions bill
--RJC lauds passage of petroleum sanctions against Iran
--U.S., Saudi Arabia to cooperate in lunar research
--USA, UAE set ceremony for Thursday on nuclear cooperation

--Rabbi attacked in Vienna following menorah lighting
--ADL to provide hate crime training for Austria
--Haq convicted of murder in shootings at Seattle Jewish Federation
--ADL welcomes Seattle shooting verdict
Recommended Reading and Viewing #5

Tuesday-Wednesday, Dec. 15-16, 2009

Iran reportedly testing nuclear detonator
Obama, Lebanon’s Sleiman tell disagreements over Israel
Has Britain prohibited Queen Elizabeth from traveling to Israel?
AJCongress condemns arson attack on Yasuf mosque

Conference of Presidents, Israel tourism co-sponsor Chanukah promotion for trip to Israel
Moran legislation would aid cyber-space communications of Iranian opposition
Level of anti-Semitism in France alarms its interior minister
ADL denounces right-wing Moldovan priest who uprooted Chanukah menorah
Menorah vandalism in Suffolk County condemned by ADL
Terrors conspirators sentenced to federal prison
Hebrew Day School students buy Chanukah presents for 10 needy families
Is our Jewish consciousness a genetic inheritance?
Dmitriy Salita weighs his boxing future in Israel
Links to recommended viewing and reading #4

Sunday-Monday, Dec. 13-14, 2009

Thursday-Saturday, Dec. 10-12, 2009

Tuesday-Wedneday, December 1-2, 2009

University of Haifa students devise You Tube campaign for Gilad Shalit’s release
JDate and Nefesh b’Nefesh sponsor singles dating site for North American immigrants to Israel
Now there is aliyah service for family pets
ZOA criticizes JNF for contributing trees to PA
Iran announces plans for 10 new nuclear sites
Ivan Demjanjuk war crimes trial underway in Munich
Nuremberg Trials witness Fred Silberstein, 80, dies

Didi’s Magic Keys, a play in Hebrew, to be performed December 10 at SDJA
The Mikveh Monologues to benefit the community mikvah Jan. 30, 31
Jewish Grapevine of San Diego County
Rock'n Shabbat at Congregation Beth Am Dec. 11

Sunday-Monday, November 29-30, 2009

New Lebanese government endorses Hezbollah fight against Israel
Abbas recruits Chile’s President Bachelet to anti-settlements cause
European Jewish Congress lobbies Kremlin against sale of missiles to Iran
Pope meets founders of Child Survivors Germany
'The Peddlers Tale' and other holiday stories to be read Dec. 14 in Write Out Loud production
The Jewish Grapevine of San Diego ... Who's doing what?
Companion blog established: We're collecting and posting information about San Diego Jewish pioneers, with particular emphasis on Joseph S. Mannasse and Marcus Schiller

Thursday-Saturday, November 26-28, 2009

Netanyahu proposes 10-month construction suspension in West Bank areas
Clinton welcomes Israel's construction freeze decision
Mitchell: Palestinian-Israeli negotiations should have a 'mix of contacts
Anti-Defamation League lauds settlement freeze
Haifa scientist Sarit Larisch honored for Parkinson's Disease research
Arms dealer Jacques Monsieur pleads guilty to smuggling jet parts for Iran
U.S. plans to build upgraded air base for Kuwait
Four arrested in conspiracy to smuggle anti-aircraft missiles to Syria
Ten accused of plotting to ship U.S. weapons to Hizballah
Fourteen Torahs dedicated at Great Neck Synagogue
President Obama sends Hajj season greetings to world's Muslims
American Jewish Congress applauds Third Circuit Court of Appeals decision on religious music at school assemblies
FBI reports U.S. hate crimes increased in 2008
Mosque arsonist sentenced to 14 years in prison
U.S. government offers $5 million for capture of terrorist suspect Al-Umari
Out of court settlement reached in case of school prohibiting church flyers
Jobbik party rallies in honor of Hungarian who deported Jews
Eight accused in Somali terror plot against Ethiopia

Two arrested in Italy for aiding Mumbai terrorists

EasyJet apologizes for fashion shoot at Holocaust memorial
Dreidel game created for iPhone

Tuesday-Wednesday, November 24-25, 2009

Shalit release progress reported
Ahmadinejad visit to Brazil stirs protests
Iran stages air defense drills

ADL wants coordinated campaign to combat hate violence
ADL welcomes Hannah Rosenthal as State Department’s envoy to combat Anti-Semitism
ADL urges Supreme Court to maintain prohibition on aid to terrorist organizations
Columbia, Rutgers receive funds from alleged Iranian front organization
JFS issues urgent appeal for Thanksgiving
Boxer bill for S.D. gang and drug crime unit advances
Block named to Joint Committee on Master Plan for Higher Education

Sunday-Monday, November 22-23, 2009 (Vol. 3, No. 208)

EU official urges closer ties with Israel
Activist philanthropist Dr. Michael Dan honored by University of Haifa
ElBaredei to Iran: Don’t miss fleeting chance
Yemen foils plot to assassinate Rabbi Musa
USS Cole bombing suspect to be tried by U.S. military commission
Shadegg wants probe of FBI’s handling of Nidal Hasan investigation

Sunday, November 15-Saturday, November 21 (Vol. 3, No. 207)

Hezbollah has missiles capable of reaching Tel Aviv ... Read more
U.S., Britain accuse Iran of destabilizing Middle East with weapons shipment ... Read more
Brazil's president says dialogue with Iran could promote peace ... Read more
Norwegian university vetoes boycott of Israeli academics ... Read more
U.S. Ambassador Rice extolls international school in Israel ... Read more
9/11 defendants to go to trial, Holder announces .... Read more
Jewish legislators divided on trying 9/11 suspects in civilian court ... Read more
McKeon calls for Hasan probe by House Armed Services Committee... Read more
Vandals attack Jewish sites on both U.S. coasts ... Read more
Shonda file: Kosher slaughterhouse operator convicted on 86 counts of fraud ... Read more
Rick Barton to chair national ADL education commission ... Read more
Boere trial delayed so defendant can hear ... Read more
Bishop refuses to pay fine for Holocaust denial ... Read more
Australia's Home Affairs Minister okays Zentai extradition to Hungary ... Read more
Wayne rolls up endorsements; Dumanis backs Whitman ... Read more

Obama says Iran’s ‘time running out’ to reach nuclear deal
Palestinians say they’ll seek statehood from U.N. Security Council
Assad rebuffs Netanyahu’s offer for direct talks
American David Headley implicated in Mumbai terror attacks
Animal protection group hails ban of horse-drawn carts in Tel Aviv
White House denounces construction in Gilo section of Jerusalem
Peres visit prompts protests, welcome in Buenos Aires
Peres says Chavez, Ahmadinejad will soon be out of power
Israel dedicates monument to U.S. 9/11 victims
IAEA suspects more hidden nuclear sites in Iran
Brazilian oil company considering halting operations in Iran
Iran metes out death penalty to 5 protestors
Illinois Congress members split on terror prison site
Program twins mosques and synagogues on two continents
J*Company presents The King and I
Viterbis give $1 million to San Diego Opera
Manny Farber Exhibit begins Dec. 14 at Gotthelf Art Gallery
U.S. welcomes U.N. human rights resolution on Iran

Sanctions against Iran may come within weeks -- Obama
Jordan-Israel border area shows environmental impacts of differing land use
Oldest synagogue building in Wales to become condos
Germany accuses Adolf Storms of killing 58 Jewish laborers
Canadian appeals court stays SS man's deportation

Protect woman's right to abortion in health bill -- Saperstein
ACLU, Americans United demand public school graduation ceremonies be moved from Cathedral

Christian legal group tells 'rules' for Christmas in schools
Anti-gun group seeks ban on Belgian weapon used by Nidal Hasan
Senate Committee begins Ft. Hood massacre probe

Thursday-Saturday, November 12-14 (Vol. 3, No. 206)

Despite setbacks, U.S. remains committed to Arab-Israeli peace process–Burns ... Read more
Bibi’s priorities: Peace with Palestinians, no nuclear weapons for Iran, and replacing oil as an energy source ... Read more
U.S.expresses hope Lebanon will remain sovereign ... Read more
Embargo gasoline exports to Iran--Rep. Kirk .... Read more
Israeli researcher: Same hormone stimulates emotions of love and envy ... Read more
U.S. elections strengthened Bibi's hand, Koch and Charney agree ... Read more
FBI says evidence to date indicates Hasan acted alone ... Read more
Senate Homeland Security to investigate Ft. Hood murders ... Read more
Bible looted by Nazis returned to Jewish museum in Austria ... Read more
Court nixes South Carolina’s proposed Christian license plate ... Read more
Gathering plans protest if denier Irving comes to New York City ... Read more
Ahmadinejad expected this year by Chavez in Caracas ... Read more
Britain’s chief rabbi says religion and politics should be separate ... Read more
Magazine honors Kaplan as a ‘woman who means business’ ... Read more
Valley Center History Museum receives Salomon papers ... Read more

Tuesday-Wednesday, November 10-11, 2009 (No. 205)

Jewish Family Service launches employment program ... Read more
‘The Mikveh Monologues’ coming to San Diego ... Read more
Lawrence Family JCC to host Dec. 6 Hannukah Happening ... Read more
Jewish Family Service to host adoption conference ... Read more
Rick Recht to peform Dec. 6 at Temple Adat Shalom ... Read more
Poizner recovers $27 million in insurance for SD fire victims ... Read more

Sunday-Monday, November 8-9, 2009 (Vol. 3, No. 204)
*Norman Sondak, informations systems specialist ... Read more

Thurssday-Saturday, November 5-7, 2009 (Vol. 3, No. 203)

'Militant Islam' to be topic Nov. 18 of AJE lecture ... Read more
College Avenue Older Adult Center tells November activities ... Read more
For vernacular Arabic speakers, learning literary Arabic as hard as learning new language—researcher ... Read moreHaifa researchers say marijuana may help in PTSD treatment ... Read more
Arab-Israeli dispute
Canada now representing Israeli interests in Venezuela ... Read more
Demonstrators opposed to dictators clash with police ... Read more
Merkel tells US Congress Iran must not get nuclear weapons ... Read more
Holocaust denier Ramin now Iran's media chief ... Read more
Iran reportedly repressing those who say Holocaust happened ... Read more
Holocaust/ Shoah
MP Wilshire apologizes for likening scandal-plagued politicians to Holocaust victims ... Read more

Tuesday-Wednesday, November 3-4, 2009 (No. 202)
San Diego and California
Julie Bronstein's role grows in Jewish Community Foundation ... Read more
Donor groups to hear local needs of the hungry .. Read more
Congregation Beth Am plans busy weekend Nov. 14-15 ... Read more
Israel Domestic
University of Haifa sponsors biotech company in Carmel area ... Read more
Estimated 100,000 Jews gather on yahrzeit of Matriarch Rachel ... Read more
Arab-Israeli conflict
Conference of Presidents lauds House resolution opposing Goldstone Report at U.N ... Read more
University in Norway ponders academic boycott of Israel ... Read more
Bahrain legislation proposes jail for contacts with Israelis ... Read more
Iraq drops requirement that trade fair attendees boycott Israel ... Read more
Hillary Clinton's Middle East trip
Nov. 1--Israel's 'no new starts' offer unprecedented — Clinton .. Read more
Nov. 2 -- Clinton defends her praise of Israel's offer on settlements ... Read more

Sunday-Monday, November 1-2, 2009 (No. 201)
San Diego and California
Hand Up event inspires local teens ... Read more
Wayne and Filner to participate in diverse public events in S.D.... Read more
Poizner says 8 arrested in 'staged automobile collision ring' ... Read more
'Graduation ceremony' for those successfully completing parole ... Read more
SDJA at AIPAC ... Read more
Motive unclear in wounding of two at L.A. synagogue ... Read more
Knesset puts aside bill declaring United Jerusalem to be the capital of the entire Jewish people ... Read more
Israel rejects UN allegations of illegal diamond purchases ... Read more
Holocaust/ Shoah
Heinrich Boere, former SS death squad member, on trial in Germany ... Read more
Jean-Francois Bergier, investigator of Swiss role in Holocaust dies ... Read more
Senate Banking Committee approves Dodd's Iran sanctions ... Read more
Jewish 'Conference of Presidents' lauds Senate Banking, House Foreign Affairs Committee votes ... Read more
Ayatollah warns against questioning election results ... Read more
Arab-Israeli conflict
Lebanon tells U.N. that Israel is gearing up to attack ... Read more
U.S. Domestic
President Obama, on signing hate crimes bill, declares that 'bells of freedom ring out a little louder' ... Read more
ADL's Foxman calls hate crimes law "a great day for America' ... Read more
Hate crimes bill 'shining example of what can be achieved '—NCJW ... Read more
ADL reports 12% of Americans prejudiced against Jews ... Read more
Shonda File
Saferstein pleads guilty in $75 million telemarketing fraud ... Read more

Thursday-Saturday, October 29-31, 2009 (No. 200)

Local News
Jewish Family Service in Thanksgiving Run for the Hungry ... Read more
Camp Mountain Chai to set up for a night in Balboa Park ... Read more
Golf company executive to address Hillel at Chapman ... Read more
Free seminars for job-seekers Nov. 3, 10, 17, San Marcos Library ... Read more
Bishop Williamson fined for Holocaust denial ... Read more
Gathering of Holocaust Survivors cautions Vaticans on talks with Society of St. Pius X ... Read more
French court fines anti-Semitic stand-up comic Dieudonné ... Read more
Holocaust survivors more prone to cancer than the rest of population ... Read more
Israel banks begin transferring assets to Holocaust fund ... Read more

International Terrorism
U.S. State Department again designates Al-Qa'ida in Islamic Mahgreb as terrorist group ... Read more
Justice Dept. arrests two in alleged plot against Danish newspaper .. Read more

Israel Domestic News
Jewish Agency holds orientation center for new cadre of leaders .. Read more
University of Haifa inaugurates Hatter Student building ... Read more
Israel Air Force General Shkedi named as El Al's new president ... Read more

Arab-Israel Conflict
Syria accuses Israel of seeking to destroy Al-Aqsa Mosque ... Read more
U.N. General Assembly takes up Goldstone Report Nov. 4 ... Read more
Israel rejects claims it withholds water from the Palestinians ... Read more
Israel protests Lebanese rockets ... Read more
Americans more sympathetic to Israelis than Palestinians, according to ADL poll ... Read more

Iran says it can have a nuclear program because Israel has nuclear weapons ... Read more

U.S. Domestic News
Republican Jewish Coalition says Hagel wrong pick for Obama's intelligence panel... Read more
American universities increasingly intolerant of Jews, Israel—IJCR ... Read more
NJDC lauds President Obama for signing hate crimes bill ... Read more

Tuesday-Wednesday, October 27-28, 2009 (Vol. 3, No. 199)
Anne Frank's 80th birthday to be remembered at SD Jewish Book Fair at Lawrence Family JCC ... Read more
Jewish license plate .... View image
Beth Jacob Congregation has nearby home to rent ... Read more
DA Dumanis notifies defense bar of errors in toxicology tests ... Read more
Netanyahu: Israel investigated 26 allegations in Goldstone report ... Read more
Kouchner predicts Israel will bomb Iran if no nuke deal ... Read more
Turkey's Erdogan calls Ahmadinejad a 'good friend' ... Read more
Haifa professor says Israel not immune from tsunamis .... Read more

Sunday-Monday, October 25-26, 2009 (Vol. 3, No. 198)
T.E.A.M takes offices at United Jewish Federation building ... Read more
Atty. Gen. Holder outlines U.S.' counter-terror process ... Read more
Stolen therapy goats, other animals, replaced ... Read more
Are politics more important to Egyptians than cancer cure? ... Read more
Alleged Nazi war criminal Charles Zentai jailed in Perth ... Read more
Jewish Democrats applaud passage of hate crime bill ... Read more
'Gathering' favors ban on gratuitous references to Shoah; denier' shunned in Mississippi ... Read more
OPIC seeks investment proposals from Muslim countries ... Read more

Thursday-Saturday, October 22-24 (Vol. 3, No. 197)

Jewish Family Service tells ways it can help in this economy ... Read more
Jewish license plate ... View photo
Rabbi Elliot Dorf to speak at SDSU ... Read more
Klezmer clarinetists to perform ... Read more
David Strom to review My Righteous Gentile today ... Read more
Thanksgiving Trot to raise funds for SDJA, JFS Hands-Up Pantry ... Read more
Kids Day Sales Force ... Read more
JITLI applications from 11th graders now being accepted ... Read more
Ambassador Susan Rice calls for immediate Mideast negotiations without preconditons ... Read more
Human Rights Watch founder blasts group's' anti-Israel bias ... Read more
Kouchner, denied Gaza visa, postpones Israel visit ... Read more
360-degree view of Kotel plaza ... Go to link

Tuesday-Wednesday, October 20-21 (Vol. 3, No. 196)

Block hearing tonight on SDSU student admissions ... Read more
Mayor Sanders to address Beth Israel Men's Club Oct. 21 ... Read more
IDF musical ensemble to perform Dec. 13 at Congregation Beth Am ... Read more
How you and JFS can share holidays with less fortunate ... Read more
Obituary: Raymond Federman, 81, Holocaust survivor and author ... Read more
Sting nets former U.S. scientist 'selling' secrets to Israel ... Read more
Singer dropped by Yankees after allegedly slurring Jews ... Read more
Iran threatens to enrich uranium if deal not reached ... Read more
Hitler billboard promoting wax museum covered after protests ... Read more
The governor, the doctor ... Read more
Violent spouses often calculate the penalties for their actions, Haifa University professor finds ... Read more

Sunday-Monday, October 18-19, 2009 (Vol. 3, No. 195)

Jewish, Catholic students to experience each other's prayers ... Read more
JFS annual report focuses on response to faltering economy ... Read more
Tarbuton tells upcoming Hebrew language programs ... Read more
Downtown San Diego Library hosts exhibit on Helen Suzman ... Read more
Iran sanctions bill clears U.S. House of Representatives ... Read more
European leaders pledge to fight anti-Semitism ... Read more
Israelis in India believed at risk ... Read more
Hezbollah is caching weapons in civilian homes, Israel reports ... Read more
Elections will be held Jan. 10 unless Hamas reconciles—Abbas ... Read more
Republican Jewish Coalition adds Norm Coleman to board ... Read more

Thursday-Saturday, October 15-17, 2009 (Vol. 3, No. 194)

JFS outlines ways it is supporting cancer victims ... Read more
Deborah Hertz featured AJE speaker Oct 21 ... Read more
Jewish License Plate ... Read more
Author Joey Seymour debuts San Diego's Finest Athletes this Friday and Saturday ... Read more
SD Jews heading for L.A. Oct 20 for exhibition basketball between Clippers and Maccabi Tel Aviv ... Read moreEmerald hails actions on redevelopment, homeless ... Read more
Obituary: Richard Levin, 93, American Jewish Committee stalwart ... Read more

Tuesday-Wednesday, October 13-14, 2009 (Vol. 3, No. 193)

ZOA presses its case against UC Irvine's Muslim Student Union ... Read more
Judaism and physical education to be subject of Nov. 13 lecture ... Read more
Turkey asks Israel to withdraw from NATO drill, event cancelled ... Read more
Abbas reverses course on Goldstone report ... Read more
Egyptian journalist may be tossed from union for meeting with Israel's ambassador ... Read more
Gathering of Survivors lauds Czech government for prosecuting vandals of Holocaust sites ... Read more
Dunst to be first of four Holocaust survivors in UCSD lecture series ... Read more

Sunday-Monday, October 11-12 (Vol. 3, No. 192)
Jewish Community Foundation panelists told their joy of giving ... Read more
JFS schedules Nov. 15 adoption workshops at Turk Center ... Read more
Emerald tells objections to San Carlos homeless shelter and to downtown parking plan ... Read moreDumanis announces arrests in identify fraud case ... Read more
Jerry Seinfeld adds a date to his San Diego stand-up comedy tour ... Read more
New Book: San Diego's Finest Athletes by Joey Seymour ... Read more
Richard Dreyfuss, Bonnie Dumanis join Oct. 12 reading of The Laramie Project: 10 Years Later ... Read more
Norman Krieger to perform Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. 3 and Moonlight Sonata ... Read moreSDSU sets Nov. 4 Klezmer concert ... Read more
CNN interviewer Larry King to tell his own story Nov. 8 ... Read more
Family Day Nov 8 to be 3-ring circus of Jewish culture ... Read more
Much to his surprise, Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize ... Texts of announcement and reactions ... Read more
Australia's Federal Court rules Zentai can be deported ...
Read more
Austria like Germany forgives those who deserted Nazi armies ... Read more
American Jewish Congress applauds Security Council decision on Goldstone Report ... Read more
Federal grand hury indicts Smadi on charges of attempting to bomb Dallas skyscraper last Sept. 24 ... Read more
Muslims 23% of world population ... Read more

Thursday-Saturday, October 8-10 (Vol. 3, No. 191)

ZOA wants U.S. Justice Dept investigation of U.C. Irvine ... Read more
Rubenstein family offers scholarships for S.D. Jews ... Read more
Jewish license plate ... View photo
Hate group will picket 29 sites in San Diego, ADL cautions ... Read more
State Department tells its opposition to Security Council hearing on Goldstone report ... Read more
Warsaw ghetto fighter Marek Edelman dies ... Read more
United Nations will teach in Gaza schools about the Holocaust
.. Read more
Ya'alon, fearing arrest, cancels trip to Britain ... Read more
Sanctions sought against firms providing Iran with oil ... Read more
Stand With Us tells its 'concerns' about J-Street ... Read more

Tuesday-Wednesday, October 6-7, 2009 (Vol 3, No. 190)

Three themes announced for this year's San Diego Jewish Book Fair: Holocaust, Middle East and spiritual growth ... Read more
Orthodox community schedules a Sukkot celebration Thursday ... Read more
Health fair and hoedown Nov 6 at JFS College Avenue Older Adult Center … Read more
JFS College Avenue Older Adult Center tells November activities …Read more
Rabbi Dosick debuts Journeys Into Heart, Mind and Soul on the Internet ... Read more

Sunday-Monday, October 4-5, 2009 (Vol. 3, No. 189)
Dry Bones cartoonist Kirschen at Chabad University City ... Read more
Camp Mountain Chai director also helps run camp for children of 9-11 victims ... Read more
Dumanis honored at Domestic Violence Council rally ... Read more
Old Globe Theatre posts video clips of Sammy, musical based on life of Sammy Davis Jr. ... Read more
Strom seeks information on E. European sports ... Read more
ADL to screen movie on Leo Frank case Oct. 15 ... Read more
Klein again tabbed for Arts & Culture Commission .. Read more
Tifereth Israel has Texas Hold 'em and Bunco fundraiser scheduled for October 15 ... Read more
JFS explores senior housing options Nov. 1 ... Read more
Inspirational writers on tap at Temple Solel and JCC ... Read more
Obama: Iran must show its commitment to nuclear peace ... Text of his statement ... Read more
Former Argentine President Menem accused of covering up AMIA bombing evidence ... Read more
Tel Aviv and New York City to enjoy real time television hook up ... Read more
UCI turns question of possible terrorist fundraising by student group over to law enforcement ... Read more
NJDC confers Hubert Humphrey Award on MPAA's Dan Glickman ... Read more

Thursday-Saturday, October 1-3, 2009 (Vol. 3, No. 188)
Emerald urges Schwarzenegger to sign bill to study new CSU campus ... Read more
Iran tests several missiles capable of reaching Israel ... Read more
Senators want U.S. to block Goldstone Report from reaching U.N. Security Council ... Read more
Netanyahu in New York: World hearing 3 great lies about Israel ... Read more
Gathering of Survivors compliment Polish judge ... Read more
Kiev mayor vetoes Babi Yar hotel ... Read more
Andy Williams singing Exodus .... Read more

Tuesday-Wednesday, September 29-30, 2009 (Vol. 3, No. 187)

Jewish license plate ... View image
Lerner to address Spiritual Progressives forum Oct. 15 ... Read more
Project Sarah presents The Yellow Dress October 25 at the Lyceum ... Read more
You'll find Lost in Yonkers Jan. 23-Feb. 28 at Old Globe ... Read more
Soille students study middah ... Read more
Underreporting payrolls for insurance evasion purposes a felony, Poizner reports ... Read more
Block asks constituents to help him get Schwarzenegger to sign 4 bills ... Read more
U.S. must do 'whatever it takes' to prevent Iran from going nuclear— Lieberman, Bayh and Kyl ... Read more
Conference of Presidents: Start planning new Iran sanctions now ... Read more
Iran's assurances shown as worthless—AJC's David Harris ... Read more
Kirk: Cancel U.S. contribution to Qaddafi Foundations ... Read more
Cardin, Lugar: Energy companies must disclose fuel sources ... Read more

Thursday-Monday, September 24-28, 2009 (Vol. 3, No. 186)
JCC survey raises prospect of San Diego Jewish Museum … Read more
Catholic parish slates ADL speech on anti-Semitism … Read more
Israel critics to appear as interfaith panel in Carlsbad … Read more
J*Company to present South Pacific Oct. 15-25 … Read more
Congregation Beth Am tells schedule of adult classes … Read more
Public invited to Sukkot and Simchat Torah fetes … Read more
Heard of speed dating? How 'bout speed friendship-making? … Read more
Obama seeks secure 'Jewish state' in Mideast .... text of his speech to the United Nations .... Read more
Time to move to final status talks in Middle East -- Mitchell ... Text of his press briefing ... Read more

Tuesday-Wednesday, September 22-23, 2009 (Vol.3, No. 185)
Temple Adat Shalom to hold Jewish Food Festival Oct. 25 ... Read more
New UJF CEO shares New Year thoughts with San Diegans ... Read more
Workshops, hikes to be focus of 3rd annual women's weekend ... Read more
San Diego Jewish Book Fair expands to North County ... Read more
Soille S.D. Hebrew Day School stresses judging others favorably ... Read more
Jewish genes -- is there something in our DNA? ... Read more
Mayor of San Diego partnership region awarded for governance ... Read more
Jewish public officials:
Filner backs bill to support Polish Jewish Museum in Warsaw ... Read more
DA Dumanis charges local attorney with stealing from clients ... Read more

Tuesday-Wednesday, September 15-16, 2009 (Vol. 3, No. 183)
JFS provides High Holy Day shuttles for seniors ... Read more
Yale Strom, Elizabeth Schwartz perform at U.N ...Read more
No comment on Israel's settlement plans until after Mitchell-Netanyahu meeting today ... Read more
Scholars for Peace in Middle East deplore Israel divestment effort ... Read more
El Al divulges honey cake recipe for High Holidays ... Read more

Sunday-Monday, September 13-14, 2009 (Vol. 3, No. 182)
Jewish Community Economic Recovery Fund helping needy ... Read more
Teens who help make world better place highlighted in Diller video ... Read more
Chabad of La Costa to dedicate Holocaust Torah on January 8 ... Read more
Assemblyman Marty Block distributes fire safety brochures ... Read more
Film on Civil Rights icons Chaney, Schwerner and Goodman to be screened at S.D. Film Festival ... Read more
Corona to tell of experiences writing book on Vilna partisans ... Read more
Boxer urges participation in California Coastal Cleanup Day ... Read more
San Diego-funded Israeli absorption village filling up ... Read more
Soille students learn ways to describe Rosh Hashanah ... Read more
JFS offers e-card for High Holy Days and donation opportunity ... Read more
Jolene Ilkay of S.D. makes aliyah... Read more
'Medical marijuana dispensaries' raided by local law enforcement ... Read more
No charges to be filed against Merriman—D.A. Bonnie Dumanis ... Read more
Gubernatorial hopefuls highlight state's GOP meeting Sept. 25-27 ... Read more
Dry Bones cartoonist in SD Oct. 6 ... Read more
Comic who bestowed 'yada-yada' on English language here Dec. 5 ... Read more
Obama to chair UN Security Council session on nuclear nonproliferation ... Read more
U.S. hopes to coordinate global response to Iran's declaration that nuclear discussion is closed ... Read more
Is Venezuela doing an end run around U.S. sanctions for Iran? ... Read more
World Jewish Congress urges UN delegates to boycott Ahmadinejad ... Read more
Iran reportedly supplying Hezbollah with chemical weapons ... Read more
Morgenthau says Iran-Venezuela alliance threatens U.S. security ... Read more
Nazi hunter Klarsfeld backs Hosni for UNESCO director-general ... Read more
Moderna Museet, Deutsch heirs settle dispute over Nolde painting ... Read more
Bulgarian protection of Jews against Nazis praised at rite ... Read more
American POW who hid his Jewish identity from Nazi captors relates his story in You Tube interviews ... Read more
Shoah survivors of U.S. laud Harvard Crimson for turning away Holocaust denier Bradley Smith .. Read more
Peres Peace Center tells its activities to promote Israeli-Palestinian cooperation ... Read more
Modest love goddess figure adds spice to Israeli archaelogical dig ... Read more
Reactions to President Barack Obama's health care speech ... Read more
Christian law group files suit favoring Bible reading in school ... Read more

Wednesday-Saturday, September 9-12, 2009 (Vol 3, No. 181)

State Dept declines comment on reports Israel's new settlements ok'd as part of freeze deal ... Read more
NJDC disavows former President Jimmy Carter's stand on Israel ... Read more
Obama names Bloom as senior counselor for manufacturing ... Read more
Lieberman offers bill to prepare for biological attacks by terrorists ... Read more
Court upholds Ave Maria ban at public school graduation ... Read more
Chavez cuts oil deal with Ahmadinejad; slams Israel ... Read more
El Baredei denies withholding details of Iran's nuclear capacity ... Read more=
Iran denounces U.S. opposition to terrorist suspect defense minister ... Read more
Jewish culture celebrated throughout Europe ... Read more
Hungary's PM denounces rise in extremism at synagogue's 150th ... Read more
Scientists find phosphorylation process key to memory formation ... Read more
Lindsay Deutsch to perform Sept. 11 with Orchestra Nova ... Read more
Rabbi Simcha Weiser renews Wednesday morning adult class ... Read more
SDJA proud of Giva Abed's honor ... Read more

Sunday-Monday, September 6-7, 2009 (Vol. 3, no. 180)


White House statement expresses 'regret' over Israeli settlements ... Read more
State Department restrained in comments about settlements ... Read more
Jewish religious movements unite to stop Iran's nuclearization ... Read more
Lautenberg seeks Senate investigation into Scotland's release of Lockerbie bomber ... Read more
Americans United head denounces minister seeking Obama's death ... Read more
ICE arrests man alleged to be supplying jet parts to Iran ... Read more
Israel Campus Beat provides college students with emailed Mideast facts and opinion ... Read more
Boxer urges fuels reduction in California's national forests ... Read more
Jewish activist returns award in protest of Germany's honoring Felicia Langer with Cross of Merit ... Read more
JINSA urges U.S. support for Honduras democracy ... Read moreChavez on Middle East swing,woos Israel's hardline enemies... Read more
Spanish newspaper gives Shoah denier Irving a forum ... Read more
Levin introduces legislation to preserve U.S. lighthouses ... Read more
President Obama cites Muslim-American achievements at White House Iftar dinner .. Read more
Baron elected third president of Louis Rose Society for the Preservation of Jewish History ... Read more
SDJA Year Book won awards at San Diego County Fair ... Read more
Governor Schwarzenegger, Commissioner Poizner tour fire in Angeles National Forest ... Read more
Tifereth Israel schedules Selichot concert and art show Sept. 12 ... Read more
Los Angeles fire victims, elderly Jews in FSU are in great need ... Read more
La Jolla Playhouse shares winning entry for play idea ... Read more

Thursday-Saturday, September 3-5, 2009

White House says Al Qaeda attack on Saudi prince points to need for counter-terrorism cooperation ... Read more
On Wednesday, State Dept. urged Iran to meet on nuclear issue before U.N. General Assembly ... Read moreOn Tuesday, U.S. awaited formal nuclear statement from Iran; would not comment on reports ... Read moreIran's negotiator says Iran now ready for nuclear talks ... Read more
Ceremonies in Poland mark 70th anniversary of World War II ... Read more
Historic synagogue building returned to Polish Jews ... Read more
Sharansky, back in the (former) USSR, opens Jewish school year ... Read more
Proper Jewish burials planned for Nazi victims in mass graves ... Read more
Italian-built highway marks 40th year of Qadhafi dictatorship ... Read more
Weiner says Yankees vs. Red Sox game should not be rescheduled to be played on Erev Yom Kippur ... Read more
Palestinian handicrafts companies exhibit at Tel Aviv trade show ... Read more
Gilboa-Jenin relations across Israel-Palestinian border seen as model for cooperation ... Read moreAJCongress criticizes UNRWA position on teaching Holocaust ... Read more
ZOA applauds Berman's critique of Obama's 'settlements' policy ... Read more
Temple Etz Rimon tells schedule of free High Holy Day services ... Read more
Chabad at La Costa tells its High Holy Day service schedule ... Read more
Polin and Recht to steer UJF women on Nov. 1-10 mission to Israel and Jordan ... Read more
Gilad Shalit birthday observance ... View notice
Pre-Rosh Hashanah bash set for singles Sept. 17 in Gaslamp ... Read more
Emerald gets pedicab ordinance adopted... Read more
Asian gal, Jewish guy in love match at SD Rep .. Read more

Tuesday-Wednesday, September 1-2, 2009
Israel-Palestinian negotiations likely at U.N. General Assembly? ... Read more
State Dept. declines comments on report Britain traded Lockerbie bomber for Libyan oil ... Read more
Hamas doesn't want Holocaust chapter in Palestinian textbooks ... Read more
Anti-Semitic incidents in Argentina increased during Israel's retalliation in Gaza ... Read more
Ron Lauder, Jacob Zuma confer on Middle East situation ... Read more
Israel hosts bloggers conference Sept. 13 in Jerusalem, cyberspace ... Read more
U.S. Justice Dept. seeks to deport Kalymon as killer of Jews in WWII ... Read more
Feinstein mourns two California firefighters killed protecting L.A. ... Read more
Appeals Court says AUSCS, ACLU may sue over funding to Baptists ... Read more
Jewish War Veterans hail court decision on veterans rights ... Read more
Ner Tamid Synagogue tells its High Holy Days schedule ... Read more
Arab-Israeli conflict seminar topic in Poway ... Read more|
Corona will be featured Hadassah study group author Sept. 13 ... Read more
Congregation Beth Israel sets High Holy Days schedule ... Read more
Cyber-Referrals ... View video

Sunday-Monday, August 30-31, 2009 (Vol. 3, No. 177)

Senator Feinstein issues health care briefing paper ... Read more
State Dept has advised Libya of sensitivities of N.J. residents ... Read more
Senators from N.Y. and N.J. plan resolution condemning Libya ... Read more
Feingold wants timetable for Afghanistan withdrawal ... Read more
Engel seeks liberalization of cost-of-living-allowances for seniors ... Read more
Tutu, visiting Israel, says price of Holocaust paid by Palestinians ... Read more
Speculation increases on Gilad Shalit deal between Hamas, Israel ... Read more
Agreement announced on historic Jewish cemetery in Lithuania ... Read more
U.S. Consulate in Jerusalem serves Palestinians, not Israelis, according to StandWithUs ... Read more
ZOA files brief that those who support terrorists can be sued ... Read more
SD Jewish Chamber organizing cavalcade to Maccabi Tel Aviv-Los Angeles Clippers game Oct. 20 ... Read more
Jewish Family Service tells support group lineup for September ... Read more
What's new in San Diego Jewish World's calendar? ... Read more
Letter writers respond to concerns over Sept. 13 Walk for Israel cancellation
From Lisa Haney ... Read more
From J.J. Surbeck ... Read more
Betty Horne, Holocaust survivor with storybook marriage ... Read more

Thursday-Saturday, August 27-29, 2009 (Vol 3, No. 176)

Jewish community mourns Senator Edward Kennedy ... Read more
Bernanke reappointed as Federal Reserve Bank chair ... Read more
Netanyahu, Mitchell report 'good progress' in peace talks ... Read more
Brown, after meeting Bibi, 'more optimistic' about peace ... Read more
State Department spokesman becomes less outspoken about end to Israeli settlements ... Read more
State Dept. press conference intense on Libyans in tents ... Read more
Menendez joins Lautenberg call to keep Qadhafi out of New Jersey ... Read more
JITLI says Iran's nomination of wanted terrorist as defense minister slap at face of West ... Read more
George Grosz heirs' attorney, MOMA disputed art provenance ... Read more
Museum of Modern Art responds to Grosz heirs' allegations ... Read more
ADL says LaRouche behind Hitler imagery in health care debate ... Read more
Blood libel controversy worsening Israel-Sweden relations ... Read more
Despite controversy, Sweden's FM Carl Bildt will visit Israel ... Read more
Paramilitary swearing-in fete broken up by Hungarian police ... Read more
Austrian prosecutors weigh Egger comment about museum director ... Read more
Two men charged in desecration of Jewish cemeteries in Germany ... Read more
WJC and Lithuania negotiate compensation for Jews whose assets were stolen ... Read more
NBA star Houston conducts basketball clinic in Sderot ... Read more
Treasury to Muslim charities: Guard against abuse by terrorists ... Read more
Judge upholds Orthodox-majority board's decision on secular school ... Read more
Bradley Ruderman pleads guilty to $25 million investment fraud ... Read more
Cyber-Referrals—Reading, viewing recommendations from Cantor Sheldon Merel, J.J. Surbeck, and Gail Umeham ... Read more
Sunbelt authors to be featured at Aug. 29 East County celebration ... Read more
30 Jewish women artists share Sept. 10-Oct. 30 JCC exhibit ... Read more
Seniors should reserve JFS 'On the Go' trips to High Holidays ... Read more
Sept. 17 open house, art show at JFS Patient Advocacy Program ... Read more
Tifereth Israel to observe Selichot with evening of arts ... Read more
One Earth Recycling will accept electronics at Tifereth Israel ... Read more
Schwarzenegger to present 5 teens Helen Diller tikkun olam awards ... Read more
Poizner sees increase in car arsons to collect on policies ... Read more=
Letter: Major donor decries cancellation of Sept. 13 'Walk for Israel' ... Read more
Letter: Volunteer hopes Walk for Israel can be reinstated ... Read more

Tuesday-Wednesday, August 25-26, 2009 (Vol 3, No. 175)

State Dept spars with reporters over Israel, Libya and Iran ... Read more
Lautenberg to Qadaffi: Stay out of New Jersey! ... Read more
Conference of Presidents urges Sweden to distance itself from 'blood libel' on Palestinian organs ... Read more
Rallies throughout U.S. set to mark Gilad Shalit's 23rd birthday ... Read more
Huckabee statements in Israel music to ZOA ears ... Read more
Specter seeks hearings into VA's 'end of life' patient counseling ... Read more
Family Kabbalat Shabbat service set for Sept. 4 at Ohr Shalom ... Read more
Furmansky to guest as cantor at Ohr Shalom’s Selichot services ... Read more
Ohr Shalom announces High Holiday service schedule ... Read more
Some sale items at Ohr Shalom ... Read more

Sunday-Monday, August 23-24, 2009 (Vol. 3, No. 174)
Lockerbie bomber, AMIA bombing suspect glorified respectively by Libya's Khadaffi, Iran's Ahmadinejad ... A Chronology.... Read entire article
Obama says Libyans should not welcome back Lockerbie bomber ... Read more
White House issues statement on bomber's release ... Read more
Statement by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on release of Lockerbie bomber ... Read more
'Less than 14 days per victim'—FBI's Mueller ... Read more
U.S. Helsinki Commission issues statement ... Read more
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi issues statement ... Read more
White House provides more detail on U.S. request to Libya ... Read more
State Department tells its disappointment with Lockerbie bomber release ... Read more
Anti-Defamation League denounces release of al-Megrahi ... Read more
Release cruel to victims —Wiesenthal Center ... Read more
White House says U.S. is watching Libyan reaction ... Read more
U.S. concerned about Libyan celebration of terrorists, Iranian elevation of accused terrorist ... Read more

President Obama confers with King Abdullah of Jordan ... Read more
Obama sends Ramadan message to world's Muslims ... Read more
Gibbs out of loop on Obama's call to rabbis ... Read more
Boxer, Feinstein, Lieberman urge continued C-17 aircraft production ... Read more

Swedish foreign ministry distances itself from its Israel ambassador on organ story ... Read more
Prosecutors drop anti-Islam case against Geert Wilders; will prosecute AEL Holocaust denial ... Read moreZOA deplores Yale University refusal to republish Danish cartoons of Muhammad .. Read more
Syria's Assad on one-day friendship mission to Iran ... Read more
Berman, in China, seeks halt to nuclear proliferation ... Read more

Spotlight on Congregation Beth Am:
Congregation Beth Am schedules free Labor Day picnic Sept. 7 ... Read more
Rabbi David Kornberg to lead Sept. 11 remembrance ... Read more
Musical Selihot service to be conducted at Beth Am Sept. 12 ... Read more
Author of House of David in the Land of Jesus coming Sept. 24 to Congregation Beth Am ... Read more

Wiesenthal Center praises Episcopal leadership for reversal of one-side resolution on Israel ... Read moreT.E.A.M. announces Mideast classes and seminars ... Read more
JFS offers free workshops on many topics for troubled times ... Read more
'Pray in the Park' Service Sept. 4 at Tifereth Israel ... Read more

Thursday-Sunday, August 20-22, 2009 (Vol 3, No. 173)

Mideast prime focus as Hosni Mubarak comes to U.S. ... Read roundup
Mubarak opposes 'temporary borders' between Israel and Palestinian Authority ... Read moreU.S. may unveil Mideast peace plan at U.N. General Assembly ... Read moreIsrael's travel restrictions on Arab Americans 'unacceptable' —U.S. State Department ... Read moreState Department reiterates Israel travel protest in news briefing ... Read more
Jewish leaders ask Mubarak to press for Arab concessions ... Read more
Vatican says U.S., U.K. suppressed knowledge of Shoah ... Read more
Latin American legislators at 15th anniversary of AMIA bombing ... Read more
Hapoel Kiryat Tivon signs two American Israeli hoop stars ... Read more
Cyber-Referral ... Read more
Palestinian, Israeli kids attend soccer camp together ... Read more
Mike Huckabee on visit to Israel ... Read more
Jewish BIGPals seeks mentors; sets Sept. 10 program ... Read more
San Diego Jewish Chamber of Commerce to hold mixer at Ralph's in La Jolla Sept. 10 ... Read more
Viviana Lombrozo exhibits Sept. 11-Oct 3 at Perry L Meyer Gallery .. Read more
San Diego Jewish Academy schedules public orientations ... Read more
Jewish teens to participate in Poway interfaith panels tonight ... Read more
Jewish license plate ... Read more
Retired Sheriff Kolender to be feted Oct 5 by former Gov. Wilson ... Read more
Insurance Commissioner Poizner announces fraud charges against Nurse Connection owner ... Read more

Tuesday-Wednesday, August 18-19, 2009 (Vol. 3, No. 172)

Gibbs says U.S. involvement key to any Mideast peace progress ... Read more
State Department again presses Iran on missing American hikers ... Read more
Jewish leadership reproaches Mubarak for hosting Bashir ... Read more
Israel's Ambassador Oren says Israel not mulling Iraq attack ... Read more
Jewish convert to Islam Uri Davis wins seat on Fatah council ...Read more
JNF announces Oct. 25-26 conference speakers ... Read more
The Jews Down Under ... Roundup of Australian Jewish news by Garry Fabian ... Read entire column
Israeli Students in Australia on exchange visit ... Read more
New Registrar at Beth Din ... Read more
Third time lucky - perhaps ... Read more
Pilger peace prize awards concerns Jewish Community ... Read more
Toben is finally jailed ... Read more
Top marks in Bible quiz ... Read more
Jewish community icon damaged in accident ... Read more
Downer asks Arab states to do more ... Read more
Nazi comparison rife in Australia says ADC ... Read more
Jewish comedian jabs at health care critics on website ... Read more
Heard of the astronauts who ... ? Read more
The Jews of Japan ... Read more
Hava Nagila, Texas style ... View video
San Diego
September 13 'Day to Honor Israel' scrubbed by organizers ... Read more
Jewish license plate ... View image
Musical based on life of Sammy Davis Jr. to premiere in San Diego ... Read more

Sunday-Monday, August 16-17, 2009 (Vol. 3, No. 171)

Mary Robinson controversial right up to medal ceremony ... Read more
71 Senators write Obama to press Arabs to improve Israel relations ... Read more
Clinton says U.S. deeply concerned about fate of U.S. hikers in Iran ... Read more
State Department quiet on North Korea-Syria connection ... Read more
Media probes Ezekiel Emanuel's role in health care policy ... Read more
Judicial Watch raises questions on Barney Frank's TARP role ... Read more
Ehsanul Islam Sadequee convicted for supporting terror ... Read more
Man indicted on charges he fabricated story about terrorists ... Read more
ZOA condemns Israel's exclusion at World Archaelogical Congress ... Read more
Mountain range orientation may explain fall foliage differences ... Read more
Gary Kaplan, Bet on Sports founder, pleads guilty to racketeering charges in Missouri ... Read more
District Attorney Dumanis announces indictments of 17 in cross-border Los Palillos murder-kidnap ring ... Read more
Sderot children are 'Moms for Israel's concern at JNF event ... Read more
San Diego Catholic educators travel to Israel to bear witness ... Read more
Jewish license plate ... Read more
SDJA shepping nachas from its many well accomplished students ... Read more
Joe Satz Trio performs at Bing Crosby Restaurant, Fashion Valley ... Read more
How to meet Jewish officeholders ... Read more

Thursday-Saturday, August 13-14, 2009 (Vol. 3, No. 170)
German court sentences war criminal to life imprisonment ... Read more
Ukrainian police seize, destroy Nazi uniform offered for sale ... Read more
Hungary denies neo-Nazi march permit to mark Hess death ... Read more
Meso-American pictographs were key to society's memories ... Read more
In Memoriam: Yiddish writer Josef Burg, 97 ... Read more
Ayalon says Israel wants direct talks with Syria, not via Turkey ... Read more
Ibim Student Village to help absorb immigrant families ... Read more
El Al kvells over airlift of olim from Sao Paulo, Brazil ... Read more
Nadler, Maloney and local officials urge FAA regulation of NYC flying ... Read more
Cyber-Referral, German Holocaust remembrances... from Hillel Mazansky in San Diego ... Read more
AJE's Noah Hadas to teach course on documentary thesis of Bible ... Read more
JFS maps its March 6 "Heart and Soul" gala ... Read more
LFJCC sponsors wellness seminar on swallowing and speech ... Read more
Rabbi Satz to discuss 19th century American Jewry ... Read more
Congregation Beth Am plans Oct. 30 teen minyan ... Read more
Tifereth Israel USY to get soaked ... Read more
SDHS baskeball star Jeremy Tyler signed to pro contract in Haifa ... Read more
Mountain-Chai to offer 'Camper-tunity for All' ... Read more
Assemblyman Marty Block sponsors kids' fingerprinting ... Read more
Bersin to tell border vision on Sept. 11th ... Read more

Tuesday-Wednesday, August 11-12, 2009 (Vol. 3, No. 169)
Clinton 'cautiously optimistic' U.S. will 'tee up' negotiations between Israelis and the Palestinians ... Read more
120 Israeli and Palestinian children camp together ... Read more
Why do people speak second languages with an accent? ... Read mail
State Dept. spokesman says Israelis and Palestinians should return to Roadmap ... Read more
Poll finds Jewish Democrats disagreeing with Obama on Israel ... Read more
RJC touts Democratic opposition to Robinson presidential medal ... Read more
Maccabi Haifa signs Puerto Rican basketball star Jesse Pellot-Rosa ... Read more

A Day to Honor Israel, Sept. 13 ... Read more
Renovations okayed for House of Israel in Balboa Park ... Read more
Tifereth Israel sponsors 'Dress for Success' clothing drive .. Read more
Chabad of La Costa offers three-part series on High Holidays ... Read more
Upsherin party for Dovid Eilfort Sept. 7 ... Read more
Author Boorsteen to lead weekend of mindful meditation ... Read more

Sunday-Monday, August 9-10, 2009 (Vol.3, No. 168)


Washington Roundup: Tracking Jewish issues, Jewish public officials See entire column
All 13 Jewish senators voted to confirm Justice Sotomayor ... Read more
White House spokesman Gibbs backtracks on whether Iran's Ahmadinejad was 'elected' ... Read more
U.S.'s Hezbollah stance unchanged—Wood ... Read more
Boxer praises colleagues for passing extension of 'Cash for Clunkers' program ... Read moreBoxer says members of Congress should disclose their mortgages ... Read more
Wyden would expand Medicare coverage for preventive medicine ... Read more
National/ International: News of Jewish interest See entire column
Lebanese Jews to rebuild Beirut synagogue ... Read more
Sweden, current EU president, sent ambassador to inauguration of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ... Read more
IDF reports Hamas has stolen three U.N. ambulances ... Read more
Hillary Clinton: Wearing hijab are personal decisions for Muslims ... Read more
JAFI offers volunteer program for Americans and Ethiopians ... Read more
Ethiopian Jewish teens attend space camp in Turkey ... Read more
Wiesenthal Center says comparing symbols' purposes preposterous ... Read more
ACLU, representing Conservative rabbi, files suit against Georgia's law recognizing Orthodox kashrut ... Read more
Freedom From Religion Foundation enters into Mojave cross case ... Read more
Michael Satz new assistant rabbi at Congregation Beth Israel ... Read more
Jewish LGBT leadership speak out against Tel Aviv murders ... Read more
CBI elects Ronald Simon president ... Read more

Thursday-Sunday, August 6-8, 2009 (Vol. 3, No. 167)
What's that you say? Mary Robinson!? ... Read entire chronology of controversy
Robinson named as Medal of Freedom choice by White House ... Read more
ADL's Foxman says selection of Robinson for medal 'ill-advised' ... Read more
ZOA protests awards to Robinson as well as to Desmond Tutu ... Read more
NJDC's Forman: More critical issues to focus on ... Read more
AIPAC expresses disappointment over Robinson's selection ... Read more
Republican Jewish Coalition criticizes Robinson selection ... Read more
Robinson being honored as women's rights crusader—Gibbs ... Read more
Rep. Eliot Engel says Robinson should not have been given award ... Read more
Washington Roundup: Tracking Jewish issues, Jewish public officials See entire column
Obama stays silent as another Arab leader puts onus on Israel ... Read more
Obama to host Mubarek Aug. 18 ... Read more
U.S. shares Israel's concern about Hezbollah rearming-Robert Wood ... Read more
Ahmadinejad 'elected leader' of Iran, Gibbs tells media ... Read more
U.S. Defense Dept. considering air-to-air missiles sale to Jordan ... Read more
National/ International: News of Jewish interest See entire column
Israel general says Iran may be nuclear-capable this year …Read more
Canadian Jewish Congress accuses United Church of Canada of allying with anti-Semites …Read more
SSPX head says Vatican shows 'excessive sensibility' to Jews …Read more
Australia grants right to al-Manar to broadcast …Read more
Neo-Nazis removed forcibly from German hotel …Read more
ADL joins suit against Mojave cross; calls land transfer a 'sham' …Read more
United Jewish Communities seeks Jewish 'heroes' for award …Read more
RAND study considers MeK in Iraq to be 'trapped, brainwashed' …Read more
Haifa Maccabi drops 'Heat' from name; acquires Jason Rich …Read more
Spinka Rabbi pleads guilty to laundering money for tax evaders ... Read more
Cyber-Referrals .
.. Stories and features from elsewhere ... Read mor
Roundup of press releases and announcements See entire column
San Diego to bid Dagans farewell ... Read more
Beth Jacob schedules 'Thrill of Judaism' seminar Aug. 30 ... Read more
House of Palestine to sponsor Balboa Park lawn program ... Read more
Insurance Commissioner Poizner tells USAA Auto Group rate drop ... Read more
14th Annual S.D. Jewish Book Fair hosts well-known writers ... Read more

Tuesday-Wednesday, August 4-5, 2009 (Vol. 3, No. 166)
U.S., Jordan denounce demolitions in east Jerusalem ... transcript of Hillary Clinton-Nasser Judeh news conference ... Read more
Washington Roundup: Tracking Jewish issues, Jewish public officials
Despite Arab unwillingness to make gestures, Mideast progress being made—State Department ...
Read more
San Diego County & California See entire column
Seacrest Village runner up in U-T's retirement community poll ... Read more
Arranged—movie about religious marriages—to be lecture subject of SDSU Prof. Lawrence Baron ... Read more
Groundbreaking today for cruise ship terminal on Broadway Pier ... Read more
Five Jewish incumbents endorsed for 2010 by S.D. Democratic Club ... Read more
Filner to celebrate 30 years in public office August 30 ... Read more
Cyber-Referrals ... stories and features from elsewhere ... Read more

Sunday-Monday, August 2-3, 2009 (Vol. 3, No. 165)

Washington Roundup: Tracking Jewish issues, Jewish public officials See entire column
Saudi Arabia says peace comes with Israel's withdrawal from all lands it occupied in 1967 War ... Read more
President Obama to host emir of Kuwait ... Read more
State Department calls on Hamas to release Gilad Shalit ... Read more
State Department reiterates its hope that Arabs will take confidence-building measures ... Read more224 House members urge direct Saudi-Israeli talks ... Read more
Obama extends Syrian sanctions despite 'positive developments' ... Read more
Harvey Milk, Billie Jean King, 14 others win Medal of Freedom ... Read more
House approves Susan Davis bill for absentee ballot tracking ... Read more
Bill would add more protections to Violence Against Women Act ... Read more
Feinstein-Cardin bill would ban most hunting from aircraft ... Read more
Lieberman measure would require states to verify birth records before issuing licenses ... Read more
FDA takes action against Israeli subsidiary accused of making adulterated drugs for pets ... Read more
National/ International: News of Jewish interest See entire column
FM Lieberman accuses Chavez of allying with radical Islam ... Read more
Poll finds Israelis favor rebuilding the Temple in Jerusalem ... Read more
British Jews offer Oseh Shalom video ... Read more
Registration underway for 2009 GA in November in U.S. capital ... Read more
IDF contrasts Israel's actions with Hamas' 'grave violations' during lead-up and war in Gaza ... Read more
Equal Employment Opportunities Commission sues Sahara Hotel in harrassment of Egyptian worker ... Read more|
Appeals Court lets decision stand declaring Ten Commandments display as unconstitutional ... Read more
American Humanist Assn. urges Supreme Court to declare cross in Mojave unconstitutional ...Read more
Maccabi Haifa re-signs Davon Jefferson to Israel basketball ... Read more
Scholar to discuss Jews of France at Cong. Dor Hadash Sept. 11 ... Read more
SD Councilwoman Emerald seeks statewide regulation of pedicabs ... Read more

Thursday-Saturday, July 20-August 1, 2009 (Vol. 3, No. 164)

Washington Roundup: Tracking Jewish issues, Jewish public officials See entire column
White House avoids answers on Western responses to Iran ... Read more
Clinton and Miliband express concern for Iranian dissidents ...Read more
State Dept: Progress but no breakthrough during Mitchell and Netanyahu talks in Israel ... Read more
U.S. closely monitoring fate of Iranian dissidents in Iraqi camp ... Read mail
Seven Jewish Democrats in 13-6 committee vote for Sotomayor .. Read mail
Coalition in House and Senate push capital land conservation .. Read mail
Defense Department reports improvements in relations with Libya; Gates' visit to Jordan .. View videos
National/ International: News of Jewish interest See entire column

Foreign ministers of Venezuela and Spain visit Caracas synagogue ... Read more
Synagogue bombing suspect booted from Carleton U faculty... Read more
Sacha Baron Cohen threatened by Al Aqsa Martyr's Brigade ... Read more
Iranian swimmer declines to compete against Israeli ...Read more
University of Haifa develops terrorism response program ... Read more
ADL's Foxman warns of growing domestic terror threat from American Muslim extremists ... Read moreBusiness successfully defends use of Christian abbreviation ... Read more
IRS withdraws audit of minister who sermonized about elections ... Read more

San Diego County & California See entire column
It's carnival time on Tu B'Av this Sunday at Beth Jacob... See more
Rabbi Bohm to teach AJE course on Jewish feminism ...See more
Commissioner Poizner sees increase in auto insurance fraud ... See more

Tuesday-Wednesday, July 28-29, 2009 (Vol. 3, No. 163)

Washington Roundup: Tracking Jewish issues, Jewish public officials See entire column

Obama sends letters to Arab leaders urging confidence building measures toward Israel ... Read more
U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates visits Israel and Jordan ... See videos
Clinton: No administration conflict on Israel-Iran ... Read more
Palestinian, Lebanese hip hop artists in State Dept. show ... Read more
Schumer: Flash trading on stock market gives preferential treatment ...Read more
National/ International: News of Jewish interest See entire column
Gates and Barak tell Iran patience is not inexhaustible ... Read more
UN official says Hezbollah violating 2006 ceasefire ...Read more
Dramatic increase in anti-Semitism seen in Britain ... Read more
U.S. charges 7 with planning jihad in Israel, Gaza and Jordan ... Read more

Sunday-Monday, July 26-27, 2009 (Vol. 3, No. 162)

National/ International
Five rabbis, other community members arrested in money-laundering case that also leads to arrests of public officials ... Read more
Joint news conference of President Obama, Prime Minister Maliki during their first White House meeting ... transcript provided by the White House ... Read more
FCC chairman wants American children to have more non-commercial, educational programming in the digital age ... Read more
Washington Roundup: Tracking Jewish issues, Jewish public officials See entire column
U.S. Senate votes unanimously to beef up broadcasts to Iran .. Read more
Rabbi Saperstein lauds defeat of concealed gun amendment ... Read more
Cantor says Republican plan will provide'smart regulation... not more regulation' of economy ... Read more
Citizens group contends Rep. Eric Cantor illegally using public funds to build Republican group ... Read more
Levin and McCain team to revise tax deductions for stock options ... Read more
Jewish members of House laud 'Pay-Go' legislation ... Read more
Clinton, with Maliki, announces $100 million more in aid to Iraq ... Read more
Clinton, Fayyad in joint global news conference tout Palestinians' fiscal responsibility ... Read more
U.S. sends another $200 million to Palestinian Authority ... Read more
State Department announces Mitchell meeting with Asad ... Read more
More International News of Jewish interest See entire column
French olim celebrate arrival with Sharanksy at the Kotel ... Read more
Mumbai terror suspect confesses, but Indian judge continues trial ... Read more
Lieberman asks Brazil for help in stopping Iran's nuclear program ... Read more
Italians hold journalism seminar, plan national Jewish newspaper .... Read more
Cyber-Referrals ... stories and features from elsewhere ... Read more

San Diego County & California See entire column
New operators say no changes planned for historic Temple Beth Israel, except perhaps the pews .... Read more
Bibliyogi Marcus Freed to teach course Aug. 2 in San Diego ... Read more
RJC hears Harvard law student and author Joel Pollak Aug. 4 ... Read more
Senator Boxer wants to read about your health care experiences ... Read more

Thursday-Saturday, July 23-25, 2009

Washington Roundup: Tracking Jewish issues, Jewish public officials See entire column
Senators want sanctions on Central Bank of Iran if regime fails to engage in dialogue ... Read more
Frank, Lowey, Meeks, Obey hit Obama on signing statements ... Read more
House bill takes Florida's 'A Child is Missing' program national ... Read more

National/ International: News of Jewish interest See entire column
Ahmadinejad defies Khamenei on appointment as vice president of inlaw friendly to Israeli people ... Read more
European court deals rebuff to anti-Israel Séclin, France, mayor ... Read more
Israeli heart device recipient no longer barred from airline travel ... Read more
Haifa University develops medical clowning curriculum ... Read more

Cyber-Referrals ... stories and features from elsewhere ... Read more
Filner wants Gold Star weekend changed to avoid conflict with observance of Rosh Hashanah ... Read more

Tuesday-Wednesday, July 21-22, 2009 (Vol. 3, No. 160)


Washington Roundup: Tracking Jewish issues, Jewish public officials See entire column
State Dept: Israeli construction in Jerusalem cannot prejudge outcome of final status talks ... Read more
ZOA: Prohibiting Jews from living in East Jerusalem is racist ... Read more
Defense Secretary Gates confirms he'll visit Israel; says it is routine ... Read more
Waxman announces legislation to protect nation's drinking water ... Read more

National/ International: News of Jewish interest See entire column
Bahrain's crown prince says Arab states should talk with Israel ... Read more
Erez Halfon, former director general of absorption ministry, now Nefesh B' Nefesh vice chair ... Read more
Film festival organizers reject British director's demand for boycott of Israel-supported films ... Read more
Barracks where Anne Frank once imprisoned are destroyed in fire ... Read more
Cyber-Referrals: What else is out there for Jews to read? ... Read more

Sunday-Monday, July 19-20, 2009 (Vol. 3, No. 159)


Obama tells NAACP there still is work to be done to secure the American dream for all its citizens ... Read transcript of comments
Cyber-Referrals —Links to articles in other media ... Read more
Washington Roundup: Tracking Jewish issues, Jewish public officials See entire column
Questions on UAE, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Israel dominated State Dept. briefing on Friday ... Read more
ZOA disappointed State Dept. won't list 'Jerusalem, Israel' as a birthplace on U.S. passports ... Read more
Boxer proposes tax incentive for wine, nut, fruit growers ... Read more

National/ International: News of Jewish interest See entire column
Both sides find reason to cheer in Missouri church-school case ... Read more
AIFD denounces Hizb ut-Tahrir as anti-American jihadist group ... Read more
Four Neturei Karta members visit Haniya in Gaza ... Read more
Court rules support for Hamas should not bar scholar from U.S. ... Read more
Jerusalem garbage accumulates as civil disturbances continue ... Read more
Ahmadinejad says U.N. must condemn murder of Muslim woman in German courtroom ... Read more

Friday-Saturday, July 17-18, 2009 (Vol. 3,No. 158)

Clinton: Peace progress not only up to Israel ... transcript of speech to the Council on Foreign Relations ... Read more
State Dept. officials ask Arabs to be global players ... transcript of briefing following Secretary Clinton's speech... Read more
Geithner praises Saudis' anti-terrorism efforts ... transcript of U.S. Treasury Secretary's speech in Jeddah ... Read more

Washington Roundup: Tracking Jewish issues, Jewish public officials See entire column
Foreign aid bill, with $2 billion plus, for Israel, faces Senate vote ... Read more
Health Care legislation introduced by House Democratic leadership ... Read more
Lawsuit filed to block "In God We Trust" engraving at U.S. Capitol ... Read more
NAACP salutes Rep. Bob Filner for work assuring veterans' equality ... Read more
Lautenberg seeks more federal funds for research into stillbirths, Sudden Unexpected Infant Deaths ... Read more
Lieberman measure would increase U.S.Army by 30,000 ... Read more
Harman offers bill for swifter integration of military medics into civilian health care systems ... Read more
Ackerman bill authorizes Capitol statue of 'unknown slave' ... Read more
Adler calls for strengthening of Federal Housing Administration ... Read more

National/ International: News of Jewish interest See entire column
ADL's Foxman says 'WhyIslam' campaign links from its website to 'extreme' anti-Semitic sites ... Read more
Lauder urges Europeans to stop Iran's nuclear program, and refrain from pressuring Israel ... Read more
Now he's Lord Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks ... Read more
Haifa University solves a 19th century 'whatdunnit' mystery ... Read more
Minister wants transliterated Hebrew names on road signs .... Read more
U.S. Ku Klux Klansman arrested in Tel Aviv, of all places ... Read more
Gregory Schneider takes Claims Conference helm ... Read more

Wednesday-Thursday, July 15-16, 2009 (Vol. 3, No. 157)

National/ International: News of Jewish interest See entire column
Mitchell aide Fred Hoff consulting in Israel; heads for Syria next Read more
Jewish groups represented at Saudi-sponsored interfaith parlay ... Read more
Cyber-Referrals ... Read more
Netanyahu urges Maccabi athletes to make aliyah from 64 countries ... Read more
Demjanjuk accused of helping to murder 27,900 Jews at Sobibor ... Read more
Rabbi and Buddhist to be featured speakers at Poway interfaith night ... Read more

Tuesday, July 14, 2009 (Vol. 3, No. 156)

Early Jewish reaction positive to Obama meeting ... Read entire column

White House press briefing ... Read more
White House readout ... Read more
Jason Isaacson, American Jewish Committee ... Read more
Debra DeLee, Americans for Peace Now ... Read more
Jeremy Ben-Ami, J Street .. Read more ... Read more
Ira Forman, National Jewish Democratic Council ... Read more
Kathy Manning, United Jewish Federatons of North America ... Read more

President Obama likens slavery to the Holocaust... Read more
Obama, Pope Benedict XVI discuss Middle East ... Read more
State Dept. concerned about Iran's Nicaragua plans ... Read more

National/ International: News of Jewish interest See entire column
Solana recommends U.N. declare Palestinian state without treaty ... Read more
Far right reorganizes as 'Hungarian Guard Movement' ... Read more
Prosecutors in Halimi murder may appeal 'lenient' sentences ... Read more
Cyber-Referrals ... Read more
National Geographic program to examine Hitler's murder squads ... Read more
Israel's tennis victory over Russia fuels hopes for a first Davis Cup ... Read more

San Diego County & California See entire column
The Tarbuton adds offerings in Hebrew and Spanish this fall ... Read more
Hatikvah Hadassah plans picnic at TICO concert in Allied Gardens ... Read more
San Diego to Host 2009 AIPAC National Summit ... Read more
Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion weighs consolidation of programs ... Read more
Insurance broker who allegedly kept premium payments for himself arrested in Los Angeles ... Read more

Sunday, July 12, 2009 (Vol. 3, No. 155)

Washington Roundup: Tracking Jewish issues, Jewish public officials See entire column
Southern Poverty Law Center warns of extremists in military ... Read more
Naturalized Canadian convicted, imprisoned for aiding Al Qaeda ... Read more
Frank, Dodd say overinflating value of second mortgages hindering economic recovery ... Read more
Boxer, Davis team to protect federal birth center funding ... Read more
Boxer bill would provide funds for police in violent U.S. cities ... Read more
Levin legislation lists Asian carp as injurious to Great Lakes health ... Read more
Hodes wants milk subsidies indexed to inflation ... Read more

National/ International: News of Jewish interest See whole column
Wearing tefillin in Jordan may invite terrorist attack ... Read more
G8 gives Iran the summer to mull nuclear negotiations ... Read more
Cyber-Referrals ... Read more
Venture capitalist Mouli Cohen supports orphanage in Odessa ... Read more

San Diego County & California Read entire column
AJE sponsors informational meeting Monday on Israel trip ... Read more
Filner cheers passage of record budget providing care to veterans ... Read more

Friday-Saturday, July 11-12, 2009 (Vol. 3, No. 154)

Washington Roundup: Tracking Jewish issues, Jewish public officials
See entire column
Obama certifies that funds for Palestinians are in U.S. interest ... Read more
State Department: Iran should listen to its own people .. Read more
Hodes would eliminate federal agricultural promotion funds ... Read more
Cyber-Referrals ... Read more
State Dept. describes U.S.-U.A.E. nuclear energy agreement ... Read more
Senate committee encourages ship and barge traffic to reduce congestion, pollution on highways ... Read more
The official G8 View of World Trouble Spots
... See entire statement
Iran ... Read more
Comprehensive Approach to Peacekeeping / Peacebuilding ... Read more
Transnational Organized Crime ... Read more
Piracy and Maritime Security ... Read more
DPRK (Democratic People's Republic of Korea) ... Read more
Middle East ... Read more
Afghanistan and Pakistan Regional dimension... Read more
Afghanistan... Read more
Pakistan ... Read more
Myanmar... Read more
National/ International: News of Jewish interest See entire column
Australian attorneys want U.N. to foreswear 'lynch mob mentality' ...Read more
Western European imams and rabbis to tour U.S. together ... Read more
Rabbi Richard Marker elected chair of Jewish group engaged in interreligious dialogue ... Read more
Glaser heirs reject British art panel recommendation ... Read more
Ibim wraps up academic year; waits for babbling babies ... Read more
ZOA mourns Gary Tobin ... Read more

San Diego County & California See entire column
Synagogue fundraiser to feature 'Nice Jewish Girls Gone Bad' ... Read more
Liora Avrahami to direct El Al operations for U.S. West Coast ... Read more

Thursday, July 9, 2009 (Vol. 3, No. 153)
Washington Roundup: Tracking Jewish issues, Jewish public officials ... See full column
State Dept spokesman denies report of settlements agreement ... Read more
Hodes unveils bill to give tax credit to small business providing health insurance for employees ... Read more
Klein calls for grants for training of service dogs .. Read more
Franken sworn in as senator; near minyan on Judiciary Committee ... Read more
Feinstein in bipartisan effort to control carbon allowances ... Read more

National/ International: News of Jewish interest See entire column
Obama says there is no green light for Israel attack on Iran ... Read more
As Ahmadinejad praises election his opponents have rare meeting ... Read more
Polish government meets with Jewish representatives on restitution of Jewish property ... Read more
Formula One's Ecclestone apologizes for praising Hitler ... Read more
Haifa researcher suspects that 1st and 2nd languages stored in different parts of the brain ... Read more
Strawberries, border crossings, and computers among joint Palestinian-Israeli projects ... Read more
San Diego's loss, Israel's gain ... Read more
Cyber-Referrals ... Read more
San Diego County & California See entire column
Gary Tobin dies at 59 .. Read more
Klezmer, gypsy music on tap July 18 at Studio Zero in Encinitas ... Read more
Block says he opposes majority vote taxes, also doesn't want cuts in education, public safety, health ... Read more
JFS developing special programs for women and their families affected by breast cancer ... Read more
San Diego's Gang and Drug Enforcement, Prosecution unit to receive $200,000 under bill ... Read more

Wednesday, July 8, 2009 (Vol. 3, No. 152)
Washington Roundup: Tracking Jewish issues, Jewish public officials
Rep. Israel calls for ingredients to be listed for household products ... Read more
Kohl seeks federal grant program to insure interpreters in courts ... Read more
National/ International: News of Jewish interest
232 North American immigrants arrive in Israel on special flight ... Read more
Cyber-Referrals ... Read more
Pedicab death spurs Emerald effort for safety regulations ... Read more

Tuesday, July 7, 2009
Obama-Medvedev news conference transcript ... Read more
National/ International: News of Jewish interest
Attack on Iran would be sovereign right of Israel —U.S. VP Joe Biden ... Read more
Barak, Mitchell meet again in 'constructive' discussion ... Read more
State Dept. Spokesman Kelly backs Biden statement on Israel ... Read more
Obama, Turkey's President Gul conferred by telephone Sunday Read more
ZOA protests Israel's reported agreement to freeze settlements ... Read more
Formula One racing president denounced for praising Hitler ... Read more
Jerry Silverman is new president and CEO of United Jewish Communities/ Jewish Federations ... Read more
France's National Front loses mayor's race in Hénin-Beaumont ... Read more
Olympian Jason Lezak, other U.S. athletes in Israel for Maccabiah ... Read more
Futurist says robots will someday do physical therapy, housework ... Read more
Jewish Agency for Israel begins Campus Aliyah Fellowship program ... Read more
B'nai B'rith honors Scripps Health president Chris Van Gorder ... Read more
Geni Cavett named Emerald's communications director ... Read more

Sunday, July 5, 2009 Main page

Washington Roundup: Tracking Jewish issues, Jewish public officials
Lieberman urges Obama to make Iran a priority for Moscow summit READ MORE
Fay Hartog-Levin named U.S. ambassador to the Netherlands READ MORE
Robert D. Kaplan joins Defense Policy Board READ MORE
FCC Chairman Genachowski tells national broadband plan vision READ MORE
Kaufman says SEC must admit mistakes in handling of Madoff READ MORE
Yael Gmach in online song contest sponsored by San Diego Magazine READ MORE
Beth Israel Men's Club to hear Councilwoman Marti Emerald READ MORE

Friday, July 3, 2009 Main Page

State Dept. designates Kata'ib Hizballah as a terrorist group READ MORE
State Department says Clinton-Fayyad meeting was 'productive' READ MORE
U.S. transfers 120 police vehicles to Lebanon, bringing total to 480 READ MORE
Napolitano visits U.S. Coast Guard and Coalition Forces in Kuwait READ MORE
Hungary's Parliament declines to punish Holocaust denial READ MORE
Vatican archivist says 5-6 years needed to make Pope Pius XII's World War II documents public READ MOREProsecutor seeks maximum prison sentence in kidnap, torture, murder of Ilan Halimi READ MORELiberty Council, Americans United for Separation of Church and State battling over political partisanship READ MORE
Sharansky welcomes Ethiopian olim at the Kotel, in his first act as Jewish Agency chairman READ MORE
Cyber-referrals READ MORE
JCC Association plans two missions to Cuba's Jewish community READ MORE
Sharansky, on taking Jewish Agency chairmanship, vows to build Israel-Diaspora relations in 'post-identity' age
Southern Poverty Law Center in 'Terror from the Right' details 75 right-wing plots since Oklahoma City bombing
Jewish license plate READ MORE
Moms for Israel plan taco and margarita party on August 5 READ MORE
Community walk for Israel planned Sept. 13 in downtown San Diego READ MORE
PWI clients help U.S. soldiers stay hydrated on battlefield READ MORE

Thursday, July 2, 2009, Main Page
U.S. officials to seek meeting with former Rep. McKinney and other U.S. 'Free Gaza' protestors READ MORE
New U.S. representative to Muslim communities, Farah Pandith, sidesteps questions about Israel READ MORE
Boxer, Feinstein laud EPA waiver for California automobile emissions READ MORE
Pelosi welcomes Franken's election READ MORE
Menendez seeks legislation to protect against future Madoffs
Spanish court ends probe of Israel's killing of Hamas leader READ MORE
Iranian delegation walks out as Peres speaks in Kazakhstan READ MORE
Construction begins on Museum of the History of the Polish Jews READ MORE
Developing stories READ MORE
Cyber-Referrals READ MORE
New York State withdraws $86.2 million in pension funds from 9 firms doing businesss with Iran READ MORE
ZOA says Sarkozy should stay out of internal Israeli affairs READ MORE
JNF promoting tree planting and Israel advocacy for July 4th READ MORE
AJE adds July educational events READ MORE

Wednesday, July 1, 2009 Main Page
•Report cites link between terrorism, cigarette smuggling READ MORE
•ZOA says PA's TV show lauds terror against Israelis READ MORE
•Sarkozy urged Netanyahu to jettison Lieberman as F.M. READ MORE
•46 countries call for restitution of Nazi loot to rightful owners READ MORE
•Large-leafed desert rhubarb funnels its water supply READ MORE
Barak and Mitchell issue vague statement after NYC meeting READ MORE
State Department spokesman says U.S. not putting time limits on Israel-Palestinian negotiations READ MORE
U.S., Israel joint economic group discuss Israel's budget process READ MORE
Lieberman anticipates Senate passage of clean energy bill READ MORE
Minnesota Supreme Court declares Franken is U.S. senator READ MORE
Anti-Defamation League hails Supreme Court's discrimination decision in Ricci v. DeStefano READ MORE
Wyden legislation would ease transition to civilian life for National Guard combat veterans READ MORE
Boxer lauds the release of hazardous coal-ash site list READ MORE
Reaction is mixed to Poizner plan to probe insurance companies for possible investments in Iran ...
Wiesenthal Center applauds Insurance Commissioner's plan READ MORE
American Insurance Association says it intrudes on federal responsibility READ MORE
Special July 29 for older adults considering moving to new home READ MORE
Rep. Susan Davis, Judy Forman to lead Suffrage Parade Aug. 29 READ MORE

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Washington Roundup: Tracking Jewish issues, Jewish public officials
Is State Department willing to compromise on settlements? READ MORE
Schumer-Graham bill would bar contracts for firms aiding Iran READ MORE
Lautenberg seeks beefed up security for dangerous cargo READ MORE
Giffords, Waxman laud passage of clean energy and security act READ MORE

National/ International: Jewish issues and Jewish public officials
Orthodox Jews riot over Sabbath opening of public parking lot READ MORE
Eizenstat calls for U.S. panel to hear disputes over Nazi-looted art READ MORE
Poland, U.S. investigating whether WWII policeman murdered Jews READ MORE
New program will promote Israel immigration at Conservative shuls READ MORE
Bernard L. Madoff gets 150 years in prison; fraud is over $170 billion READ MORE
Senate Armed Services rolls out a defense budget READ MORE

California and San Diego County
Insurance Commissioner Poizner to investigate local holdings in Iran READ MORE
Filner resolution calls upon Jews and Blacks to work together READ MORE
Rabbi Deborah Prinz, a chocolate lover, maintains adventure blog READ MORE
S.D. Jewish Men's Choir to perform at Holocaust survival art exhibit READ MORE
SPME accepts UCSB finding on academic freedom, but criticizes Professor Robinson's scholarship READ MORE
Dumanis announces indictment in New Year's Day shooting 2003 READ MORE

Sunday-Monday, June 28-29

Washington Roundup: Tracking Jewish issues, Jewish public officials
Merkel and Obama tell hopes for peace in the Middle East READ MORE
Press Secretary Robert Gibbs deflects anti-Israel questions READ MORE
Secretary Clinton meets Crown Prince of Bahrain: State Dept. lauds Lebanese P.M. Hariri READ MORE
Rahm Emanuel favorite dunking target at White House picnic READ MORE
Wyden pushes campaign to declassify government papers READ MORE
Polis, Frank offer federal bill prohibiting discrimination on basis of sexual orientation READ MORE

National/ International: Jewish issues and Jewish public officials
Quartet of U.N, U.S, EU and Russia provides its Mideast peace map READ MORE
Ecuador's foreign ministry leaves anti-Semitic grafitti on building READ MORE
Conference underway in Prague on Holocaust restitution READ MORE
Jewish innovators from 29 countries convene in Ramat Gan READ MORE

Two prayer vigils planned Monday to get the attention of Legislature READ MORE
Poizner says prosecutors need discretion to decide if a crime is a felony or a misdemeanor READ MORE
Jewish Community creates fund to help those in economic need READ MORE
Cyber-Referral READ MORE

Friday-Saturday, June 26-27

Washington Roundup: Tracking Jewish issues, Jewish public officials
State Department welcomes Arab League support for Mideast peace READ MORE
State Dept. appreciates IDF curtailing West Bank activities READ MORE
Foxman says new Nixon tapes indicate anti-Semitism infection READ MORE
Sam Kaplan named U.S. ambassador to Morocco READ MORE
House approves Filner bill to provide multiyear VA funding READ MORE
Schumer bill lets military personnel sue for malpractice READ MORE

National/International News of Jewish Interest
Jewish MP John Bercow elected speaker of House of Commons READ MORE
European Union approves kosher slaughtering READ MORE
Murderer of Jew in Yemen given death penalty by appeals court READ MORE
Natan Sharansky named new chairman of the Jewish Agency READ MORE

Torah portion for this Shabbat VIEW VIDEO
J*Pride moves from LFJCC to Hillcrest; hires program director READ MORE
Jewish Political Scene READ MORE
Jewish License Plate READ MORE

Thursday, June 25, 2009
Washington Roundup: Jewish issues and Jewish public officials
U.S. to post ambassador to Syria; Mitchell to meet with Barak READ MORE
Poll shows Americans believe Palestinians should acknowledge Israel as 'Jewish state'—ZOA READ MORE
Panel urges Obama to raise human rights at Moscow summit READ MORE
FTC Chairman Leibowitz says billions can be saved by outlawing drug companies' 'pay to delay' READ MORE
NCJW applauds Census Bureau counting same sex marriages READ MORE
Battle over anonymous Internet comments in New Hampshire READ MORE
Jewish Major Leaguers issues 50-card fifth edition .READ MORE
Filner backs Shoah education bill READ MORE

Wednesday, June 24, 2009
President Obama's news conference: Iran, economy, health READ MORE
Tracking Jewish news and Jewish public officials
State Dept. spokesman reacts to latest Israeli settlement news READ MORE
Lautenberg: FBI unable to to stop weapon sales to known terrorists READ MORE
Sanders charges Republicans with protecting oil speculators READ MORE
Cardin seeks increased federal funding for biomedical research READ MORE
National/ International News Roundup
Wiesenthal Center seeks U.N. emergency session on Iran READ MORE
Reform Judaism unit applauds court decision on voting rights READ MORE
Neo-Nazis 'adopt' highway, Missouri retalliates by naming it for Abraham Joshua Heschel READ MORE
Lithuania delays Shoah compensation to 2012 READ MORE
Federal judge rules religious groups can't be barred from library meeting rooms READ MORE
SEC brings complaints against alleged Madoff helpers READ MORE
San Diego County Jewish news and publicity
SDJA Class of 2009 ... READ MORE
Cyber -Referral —READ MORE
Howard Wayne may run for City Council, 6th Dist. READ MORE

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

National/International Jewish News Roundup
AIPAC seeks funds for its lobbying efforts in behalf of Israel's defense READ MORE
16 Yemenite Jews fly to Israel in secrecy READ MORE
State and federal officeholders will attend RJC's 'Summer Bash' READ MORE
UCSD's Rahimi becoming media commentator about Iran situation READ MORE
Survivors often transmit Holocaust experiences nonverbally to family READ MORE
Max Fisher Square dedicated in Jerusalem by Peres, Birkat, others READ MORE
San Diego County Jewish Community news roundup
Chabad schedules 3-part series on Jewish views of death and practices READ MORE

Sunday-Monday, June 21-22, 2009

Washington report: Capital news of Jewish interest
Congress adopts resolution lambasting Iran violence READ MORE
Clinton names U.S. delegation to Holocaust Era Assets Conference READ MORE
Rahm Emanuel and the camel READ MORE
Senate adopts slavery apology; Cohen to carry it in the House READ MORE
Senate resolution denouncing violence draws controversy READ MORE
Frank bill would decriminalize possessing small amounts of pot READ MORE
Nadler would end tax deductions for pharmaceutical advertising READ MORE
Lautenberg: Save energy, lower congestion moving cargo by sea READ MORE

Jewish-interest news from home and around the world
ADL seeks probe of Viva Palestina as Hamas front led by British MP READ MORE
Knorr Kosher Soup Mix recalled READ MORE
Israelis believe Obama favors Palestinians over them READ MORE
Papers signed for construction of museum in Warsaw Ghetto READ MORE
Tzohar group decries rabbis' recent comments critical of immigrants READ MORE
Institute wants Supreme Court ruling on religious speech rights READ MORE

Cyber-Referrals READ MORE
El Al honored for transporting Torahs for use by the IDF READ MORE
Jewish license plate READ MORE

Friday-Saturday, June 19-20, 2009

Capitol report: News of Jewish interest & Jewish legislators READ MORE
The purposes of this column READ MORE
State Department Middle East briefings READ MORE
--Phillip Crowley on Jimmy Carter's Gaza Trip READ MORE
--Hillary Clinton and Avigdor Lieberman READ MORE
--George Mitchell briefs State Department reporters READ MORE
Feinstein, other Democrats, seek U.S. support for arms trade treaty READ MORE
Cardin, Hastings welcome State Dept. human trafficking report READ MORE
Boxer: global warming report shows need for corrective actions READ MORE
Kohl probes rising costs of wireless text messaging READ MORE
Feingold suggests Holder backsliding on wire taps READ MORE
Lieberman urges increased federal benefits for domestic partners READ MORE
Schumer: allow property tax deductions on federal income tax READ MORE
Sanders: health care bill must 'wring out' profiteering READ MORE

Jewish-interest news from home and around the world

ZOA says poll shows Israelis favor Bibi's settlement policies READ MORE
ACLU says anti-terrorism laws unfairly target Mulim charities READ MORE
IRC says refugee Iraqis being consigned to poverty in U.S. READ MORE
Mossad chief predicts Iran can launch n-missile by 2014 READ MORE
New York group says documents prove that Pius XII helped Jews READ MORE
Two indicted on charges of rigging bigs at tax lien auctions READ MORE

A little bit of this, a little bit of that...

Torah portion of the week from G-dcast VIEW VIDEO
Mini-Melton grads, others, eligible for Israel study tour next March READ MORE
Workshops this weekend will help adults teach children Jewish ethics READ MORE
Levy will lead Beth Sholom services this month READ MORE
Jewish License Plate VIEW IMAGE
Jewish Cyber-referral READ MORE VIEW VIDEO
Boxer schedules seminar on obtaining federal grants READ MORE

Wednesday-Thursday, June 17-18, 2009
Obama says Iran's disputed elections won't deter dialogue READ MORE
Cardin, Hastings express dismay over Iranian election flaws READ MORE
Lieberman denounces election in Iran as mockery of democracy READ MORE
Iran wavering on allowing a recount of disputed vote READ MORE
Cyber-Referrals READ MORE
A kosher search engine: 'Koogle' READ MORE
Aliyah from North America increases by 15 percent READ MORE
Marshall Lewis named to APA's government relations council READ MORE
Undersheriff Bill Gore succeeds Bill Kolender as SD County Sheriff READ MORE

Tuesday, June 16, 2009
Transcript of Israel P.M. Netanyahu's 'two-state' speech ... READ MORE
Response to speech by White House spokesman Robert Gibbs ... READ MORE
Editor's Mailbox: News from here, there, and everywhere
Ahmadinejad's reelection as Iran's president protested as fraudulent
Hungarian police union forges alliance with Far Right party
Come back, Danny Bloom!
Cyber-Referrals READ MORE
Target target of dumping law suit READ MORE
Jewish poetry subject of AJE class for adults taught by Rabbi Dalin READ MORE
Two recent SDJW editions win kudos from readers READ MORE

Sunday, June 14, 2009

-Senate extends condolences to Stephen Johns' family
-Homeland Security Department urged to issue extremism report
-Berman lauds House passage of aid to Pakistan legislation
-Feinstein seeks speedy hearings for Sotomayor’s Confirmation
-Sanders bill would permit CFTC to intervene to stop oil speculation
-Legislation would reward states emphasizing home-care for aged
-Boxer presses for disclosure of high hazard coal ash sites' locales
-Cardin, Hastings compliment Lebanon's election results
-Tobacco regulation bill prompts much commentary from solons
-Hodes' legislation would promote community healing after suicides
-Schumer presses bill to address foreign currency manipulations
-Supplier of military aircraft parts to Iran sentenced to prison
-UN opens exhibit in Geneva celebrating Jewish artists
-ZOA charges Obama with falsifying facts to promote Islam
-Farewells planned for UJF staffers
-Photographic art of Steve Gould subject of June 17 CBI meeting
-Klezmer and Roma music on tap at Studio Zero in Encinitas
-Jewish agencies should denounce those who demonize Muslims
-Play explores interracial families

Friday, June 12, 2009
The nation reacts to Holocaust Museum shooting .
Sessions prompts House to reaffirm Israel's right to defense
Klein legislation withholds foreign aid to nations who close airspace to U.S. hurricane tracking planes
Susan Davis' bills to protect absentee voting advance
Lieberman says Judge Sotomayor has striking 'depth of knowledge'
Feingold, Kohl want 'high-efficiency' states shielded from cuts in Medicare reimbursement
Sanders says Fed should disclose more about bailout funds
SEC's Schapiro backs sunshine procedures for executive salaries
Ahmed convicted in Georgia of conspiracy to support terror
Documentary on Soloveitchik's legacy to screen Sunday
Chabad rabbi urges Netanyahu to resist Obama's demands
SEC accuses Matthew Weitzman of bilking investors of $6 million

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Briefing on Jewish issues, lawmakers in the U.S. capital
Schumer says Sotomayor's asylum rulings in line with other judges
Congressman Steve Israel urges control of counterfeit medications
Kohl wants to continue incentives for confessions of price-fixing
Lieberman seeks funds for preserving fish habitats
Congressman Klein wants hearings into Iran's South America role
Boxer and Lautenberg favor increased biomonitoring
Senate Republicans urge EPA to reanalyze Waxman's climate bill
Eliezer Schwartz, 81, completes doctoral thesis on subject he knew well: Nazi labor camps
Norway's King Harald V and Crown Prince Harkan sing with kindergartners in synagogue
Canadian Jewish Congress presents human rights award to PM Harper
Toni Atkins announces her backers for Assembly seat
Jewish Cyber-Referrals
Bidding for rabbi as a golf partner precedes Sunday's

Wednesday, June 10, 2009
--Two groups file briefs to reinstate cross as veterans memorial
--Muslim women must be permitted to wear their head scarves, new Justice Department suit asserts
--New tunnels to be built under Hudson in $8.7 billion project
--Cardin, Hastings express worry over far-right gains in Europe
--Feinstein, Schumer and others introduce 'Cash for Clunkers' Act
--RJC to Obama administration: Will you honor past American agreements with Israel?
--An autograph to remember

Tuesday, June 9
Kingdom of Morocco epitomizes strong Muslim-Jewish relations
Palestinians and Israelis create a joint chamber of commerce
Farm Maneuvers on Kibbutz Gezer, Israel
Israeli Dance, Jewish Craft at Tifereth Israel in San Diego

Sunday-Monday, June 7-8
What Obama, Merkel and Wiesel said at Buchenwald... White House transcript
President Obama's post-speech press conference in Cairo ... White House transcript
Turkish FM, Secretary Clinton agree speech hit the right notes
ZOA says Obama hostile to Israel
Cardin and Hastings compliment human rights message in speech
Feingold and Kaufman offer opinions on Obama's speech
Americans for Peace Now says now is time for action
Evangelical Lutheran's bishop says Obama speech 'foundational
Freedom House applauds Obama's emphasis on value of democracy
Interfaith Alliance commends Obama's outreach to Muslim world
National Council of Churches pledges to work with Muslims
Sunday evenings are barbecue and bounce house time at Chabad
County library hosts summer reading clubs and programs
'Cat in Hat' helps celebrate library branch's 44th anniversary

Friday-Saturday, June 5-6
Text of Obama's speech in Cairo, Egypt, to Muslim world ... transcript from the White House
AJC headlines its approval of Obama's speech, but also notes disappointment over Iran
Anti-Defamation League says Obama should have put Israel-Palestinian conflict into context
Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism praises Obama's comments on Holocaust denial
Republican Jewish Coalition says Obama speech too balanced
Tzipi Livni says Mideast conflict can be resolved--if it remains a political conflict and not a religious one
Senator Cardin quizzes Judge Sotomayor at Capitol
Feingold introduces bill to aid job retraining in hard-hit communities
Florida group refurbishes home of survivor of USS Cole terror attack
Congress members join in appeal for Egyptian blogger's freedom
Media Watch aka "Here's the Link"

Thursday, June 4, 2009
Text of President Obama's NPR interview on the Middle East
Text of President Obama's BBC interview on the Middle East
U.S. government broadcasters build up to Obama's Cairo speech today
Indictments announced against plotters against synagogue, JCC
Institute charges Christians discriminated against by schools
Poizner seeks to prohibit health insurers from canceling coverage
San Diego Councilmember Marti Emerald will read at library
Filner announces progress on new national cemetery in S.D. County
'Living with HIV' topic at Congregation Dor Hadash

Wednesday, June 3, 2009
Obama parries clearly anti-Israel questions from NPR interviewers
Boxer mourns murdered abortion provider; calls for peaceful debate
GM bankruptcy prompts comments from Jewish officeholders

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

ADL reports decrease in San Diego County of anti-Semitism
Jack Bark, Camp Mountain Chai board secretary dies
U.S. imposes sanctions on Hizballah supporters
American Jewish Congress urges protection for abortion providers
Media Watch aka 'Here's the link'

Sunday, May 31, 2009
USAID, Arab environmental network team to conserve water
Contractors accused of bribing Egypt Air Force settle with SEC
ZOA says Obama must as tough on Iran as he is on North Korea
Sanders seeks decree to prevent speculators from hiking oil prices
Nadler says bailed-out banks must start lending more money
Weiner urges 'balanced approach' on cyber-security
Media Watch aka 'Here's the link'
Cottage of Israel lawn program to be held this Sunday afternoon

Friday, May 29, 2009

Obama: Stop Israeli settlements, Palestinian incitement
Hamas operatives given prison terms by federal judge in Texas
ZOA criticizes Obama proposal to fly U.N. flag over Temple Mount
Rabbi Robbins to speak at St. Paul's on same-sex controversy
Some new CDs by Jewish singers
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Thursday, May 28, 2009
Lieberman will monitor security reorganization by Obama
Polis, Frank join coalition seeking end to LGBT executions in Iraq
Congressional comment on Sotomayor's nomination
Jewish agencies also comment on Sotomayor nomination
Davis bill would ensure right to second medical opinion
Yitro: animated story for Shavuot
Media Watch, aka 'Here's the link'
Boxer pledges support for same-sex couples in ruling's aftermath
Feinstein sees some reason for gay optimism in court decision
NCJW disappointed by California Supreme Court decision
Reform Judaism's Religious Action Center expresses disappointment

Wednesday, May 27, 2009
Shavuot greetings
Shavout service at Chabad at La Costa will emphasize children
University of Maryland establishes program with University of Haifa
ADL rues state Supreme Court decision on gay marriage
AIPAC group calls on Filner
Media Watch, aka 'Here's the Link'
Dr. Bernstein's Kaiser Permanente book wins S.F. Book Festival award

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hal Wingard services today
Biography of Abraham Klauber, S.D. pioneer, now available
Media Watch, aka 'Here's the link'

Sunday, May 24, 2009

--Lieberman commends police, FBI for thwarting planned NY attack
--American Islamic Forum for Democracy condemns plotters
--Transcribe CIA congressional briefings, Specter urges
--Boxer sponsors legislation to tie Vietnam aid to rights progress
--Cardin urges speedup in processof admitting Iraqi refugees
--Feinstein urges lower textile tariffs for 14 poor countries
-House passes Weiner bill against tobacco trafficking
--Federal-option health coverage urged by 28 U.S. senators
--Boxer calls for refunding of Economic Development Admin.
--Wyden, Cardin call for better home care for chronically ill
--World of Jewtopia set for 3 dates in June at Lawrence Family JCC
--Jewish License Plate--Grandma's 3 Loves
--Media Watch aka 'Here's the LInk'
--Chabad of La Costa picks special date to honor special people
--BaMidbar animated cartoon from G-dcast

Friday, May 22, 2009

--Alleged terrorists planned to bomb New York City synagogue
--Minneapolis man pleads guilty to conspiring with Al Qaeda
--Gates comments on Iranian missile test
--U.S.-U.A.E. jointly plan to develop nuclear energy
--Sherman says UAE must first tighten up its export control
--Legislation would increase U.S. Foreign Service by 1,500
--Lieberman proposes allowing Army strength to increase
--Levin urges link between Panama trade, fight against tax evasion
--Story of US Army's first Jewish religious service in Germany
--Credit card reform wins plaudits from members of Congress
--Schwartz introduces legislation to improve primary care access
--Wyden introduces 8-bill package to encourage 'green' energy
--Feinstein applauds augmentation for firefighting by Forest Service
--SPME commends Yudof's denunciation of anti-Semitism
--Media Watch aka 'Here's the Link'

Thursday, May 21, 2009
--Clinton tells Al Jazeera that Israel should stop all settlement growth
--Brownback, Casey push bill to divest from companies doing Iran business
--AIPAC official urges campaign for sanctions on Iran-bound oil
--RJC backs Kyl amendment banning U.S. funds for Iran petroleum
--RAND Corp. says U.S. should not overestimate Iran's global clout
--Auschwitz Album from Yad Vashem documents mass murder process
--Feinstein, Schumer, and Collins introduce 'Cash for Clunkers'
--Obama's fuel emissions proposaldraws congressional comment
--Sherman proposes low cost loans for more expensive homes
--Kohl holds hearing to preventcreation of minimum product prices
--Nadler proposes bill for federally protected transportation careers
--Jewish communal workers to convene in Washington June 3
--MEDIA WATCH, aka "Here's the link

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Stuart Eizenstat to represent Holocaust Assets Conference
Holocaust denial up, support for independent Israel down among Arab Israelis, pollster reports
U.S. promoting private home ownership in Jordan
Maccabi Haifa will face Maccabi Tel Aviv in Israel basketball final
Senators Boxer, Levin pleased by proposed emission standards
Retirement party for Sheriff Kolender will benefit museum
Assemblymember Block hosts green economy forum May 21
Jewish License Plate-Li Chaim
Israeli businesses, investors at June 4 conference in Los Angeles
Van Cliburn International hopeful will give concert at Beth El
Great Day on Eldridge Street and klezmer concert set May 27
UC San Diego librarian Friedman named '2009 Mover & Shaker'

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Official White House account of yesterday's meeting between President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu ... Transcripts of their statements and press conference

UCSD Panel to consider Holocaust history and memory on June 7

McAllister to address CBI Men's Club on Wednesday, May 20

Menachem Schindler, 15, wins Jewish Agency's Bible contest

David D'Or and Dudu Fisher sing for Pope

Dumanis announces $300,000 judgment in Blockbuster case

Gloria seeks designation of'Harvey Milk Day' in San Diego

MEDIA WATCH, aka "Here's the link"

Monday, May 18, 2009

AIPAC tells four critical matters now before the Congress
Olympics can inspire positive change, Lord Coe tells Israelis
Sweetie of a license plate
Child Abuse Foundation changes its name to Promises 2 Kids
MEDIA WATCH, aka "Here's the link"
Musical sisters team to bring choral concert to Patrick Henry H.S.

Sunday, May 17, 2009
Middle East/ Related International
Berman sponsors bill to hire more foreign service officers
Levin says U.S. Defense Department budget places more emphasis on counter-insurgency
Abu Khalaf designated a terrorist by U.S. Treasury Department
National Council of Churches calls on Congress to classify Armenian murders in 1915 as 'genocide'
U.S. Export-Import Bank approves $912.8 million in loans for Saudi Arabia to purchase generators
Harman explains foreign benefits of supplemental appropriations act
Federal Elections Commission fines Lieberman's campaign committee, clears Aish Ha Torah
RJC denounces state senator who called Schumer 'that Jew'
Jewish public officials
Cardin presses Russia for progress in case of murdered American journalist
Feinstein offers bill for legalizing immigration status of farmworkers
Kohl moves bill increasing Food for Peace funding
Lautenberg pushes for comprehensive surface transportation plan for the United States
Schwartz cosponsors legislation for mandatory 'coverage facts' on health plans
Waxman introduces bill to create millions of clean energy jobs
Co-publishers Mailbox
StandWithUs circulates petition regarding Obama and Netanyahu

Israel at 60 can now be downloaded free from Web


Hedge funds manager Ruderman accused of $44 million fraud

MEDIA WATCH, aka "Here's the link"

Friday, May 15, 2009

Washington roundup
Rep. Markey criticizes UAE; McCollum lashes Israel
--Markey urges Obama not to send sensitive nuclear materials to UAE
--McCollum: Israeli settlement expansion undermines U.S. security
--Boxer, Feingold hold hearing on rapes in Congo, Sudan
--Cardin lauds Obama and Holderfor their steps to end torture
--Kohl says more attention due U.S. food safety
--Lautenberg rues Senate defeat of credit card interest limits
--Levin approves Obama's steps to regulate financial markets
--Lieberman says Obama correctly prohibits abuse photos publication
--Schumer says overseas many U.S. soldiers disenfranchised during the 2008 election
--Congressman Hodes calls for carpooling tax credits

Torah Portion of the Week
U.S. Army turns over control of Abraham's city of Ur to Iraqis
License Plate Fun/ Bible Quiz
Center for Jewish Life selling birkas hachamah t-shirts

Peres Peace Center reports new Gaza-Israel pact on cystic fibrosis
Israel's Consulate General marks Yom Ha'Atzma'ut Latino style

San Diego
Bersin to discuss his new role as the nation's 'border czar'
MEDIA WATCH, aka "Here's the link"

Thursday, May 14, 2009

International/ Natonal
John Demjanjuk, the Nazi's 'Ivan the Terrible,' extradited to Germany

Jury convicts five in terrorism plot

Jewish Public Office Holders
Susan Davis coauthors bill to keep birth centers eligible for U.S. funds

Bonnie Dumanis: Investigation found street gangs had moved into white collar crime

California/ San Diego County
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1st graders design Islands at Soille San Diego Hebrew Day

LEAD San Diego lists graduates

Wednesday, May 13, 2009
Media Watch, aka "Here's the link"
San Diego Chamber Orchestra changes name to Orchestra Nova
Mom's trauma prior to pregnancy may affect baby's emotional life
U.S. elected to three year term on U.N. Human Rights Council
Nefesh B' Nefesh hosts workshop on making aliyah to Israel
Maccabi Haifa Heat clinches berth in Israel basketball playoffs
Martha Stewart visits matzoh bakery

Tuesday, May 12, 2009
Text of Pope Benedict XVI's comments at airport arrival ceremony in Tel Aviv
Text of President Shimon Peres' welcome to Pope Benedict XVI at the President's residence in Jerusalem
Scholars for Peace in the Middle East agree inquiry into UCSB professor's actions necessary
Student immigrants to Israel learn of Israeli commemorations
Israel Film Festival tells Los Angeles lineup of feature films, honorees
Media Watch

Monday, May 11, 2009

Congregation Dor Hadash slates talk by Linda Robinson on living with HIV
Media Watch

Sunday, May 10, 2009
American Idol's Adam Lambert returns to Mt. Carmel High School
Ambassador Shalev's background told; she comes to S.D. May 31
Guardians of San Diego host Golf, Tennis Tournament July 20
Norman Lear to be honored in San Diego June 10 by NARM
Media Watch
Filner urges all Americans to enjoy Jewish American Heritage Month

Friday, May 8, 2009

Peres' office tells of Israel's President's meeting with Obama
Republican Jewish Coalition calls for gasoline embargo on Iran
'Put Israel back on school maps,' ZOA tells Davis school chief
Rep. Bob Filner to discuss President Obama's impact
Israel's U.N. Ambassador to address JNF chapter in San Diego May 31
Chabad of La Costa schedules Lag' B'Omer barbecue on beach
Courses on the Bible as literature, Jewish poetry and Jewish feminism
Book artists exhibition at Athenaeum begins May 15

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Vice President Biden lays out U.S. Mideast policy to AIPAC
San Diego Jewish World to serialize memoirs of Laura Simon, 103
Media Watch
BikeIsrael2009 follow up

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Netanyahu proposes new triple-track Mideast peace approach
ZOA calls on UCI chancellor to denounce anti-Semitism
University of California at Irvine spokesperson responds to ZOA
Jewish community members excel in San Diego Book Awards contest

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Peres tells AIPAC of Israel's readiness for peace
RJC urges rejection of Palestinian aid if Hamas included in government
El Salvador President flies to Israel
Sarajevo refugee now Israeli D.J.
ADL condemns anti-Mexican swine flu rhetoric on Internet and media
Dumanis, Goldsmith warn against price gouging during flu outbreak

Monday, May 4, 2009

Republican Jewish Coalition eulogizes Jack Kemp
Senator Boxer's primer on H1N1 (Swine Flu)
Media WatcH

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Here's an antidote to those Boycott Israel campaigns
Israelis from San Diego sister region to attend Camp Mountain Chai

Friday-Saturday, May 1-2, 2009

StandWithUs explains controversy over UCSB professor's Gaza letter
Gathering of racally diverse Jews underway; Obama mishpacha there
Heritage Pointe names synagogue K'hilat Horim, Community of Parents

Thursday, April 30, 2009

ADL hails House passage of anti-hate crime act, urges Senate action
JCF Tikkun Olam Camp taking applications for one-week camp
Over 30 Israeli documentaries, films to screen at L.A. festival

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Israeli Consulate-General Touts Argentine Movie

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hearing scheduled on 'swine' flu
Sing? Dance? Lyric Opera to Hold Anything Goes auditions
Durban II derided by WJC as a 'useless' expenditure of energy

Sunday, April 26, 2009

San Diego REPertory Theatre Presents Jewish Arts Festival May 26 – June 29, 2009
Media Watch

Friday, April 24, 2009

Obama says evils that led to Holocaust still exist today
Media Watch
Final resting places of the stars

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Anti-Defamation League quizzes Napolitano on citizen privacy, immigration, terrorism, and earthquakes
Environmentalist Ellen Bernstein is Dor Hadash's scholar in residence
Decade for Rabbi Kornberg already?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Obama calls for 'good faith' gestures by Israel, Arabs
Black resigns from San Diego Port Commission; she cites family health concerns
Beth El will host community Yom HaZikaron observance April 26
Media Watch
Chinese University Chorus Performs Schindler's List
Running for Israel
Doris Roberts comes to La Jolla for Unusual Acts of Devotion

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Jewish community reaction mixed to U.S. boycott of Durban II
Nonagenarian says Miss California a 'real winner' in his eyes
Kudos to Gail Feinstein Forman on Ackermans' Mingei exhibit story
Phyllis Schwartz, former KNSD President, profiled on new SDNN

Monday, April 20
, 2009

Flap over Starbucks in Middle East continues to rage on Internet
Candye Kane marks cancer operation first anniversary

Sunday, April 19, 2009

-State Department video of George Mitchell in Ramallah and Jerusalem
-U.S. will boycott anti-Israel Durban II conference ... announcement from U.S. State Department
-Sara Appel-Lennon's story about interfaith seder pleases reader
-San Diego County papers carry two pieces on local Jews
-Sheriff Kolender kvells over Carrillo's detective work

Friday-Saturday, April 17-18, 2009

San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders supporting Dumanis' reelection
If someone too drunk to consent has sex with you, it's rape

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Alan Bersin to return to position as 'border czar' under Obama
Rosenberg new managing director at La Jolla Playhouse
Poway Interfaith Team tells four Jewish-community events for April

Wednesday, April 15, 2009
Survivor David Faber to lecture at Spring Valley public library
Brodskys step down from Friends of Israel Defense Forces leadership

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Vista Library concert will honor composers persecuted by Nazis

Friday, April 10, 2009

Best Ford commercial ever?
Chabad La Costa's sun blessing
Liwerant receives New PATH honor